Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia trees are a dime a dozen around here in Charlotte. We don't have one in our yard...but our neighbors do ;) SHHHH, don't tell, but I snuck over there and borrowed (ok stole) some leaves off their three to make us an oh so pretty Magnolia Wreath.
Here's what I used...a wire wreath template and green floral wire both from Michaels.
and some leaves of course...
There are some turtorials online that use foam wreaths and I might try that next time in order to make the wreath fluffier looking but what I used did the trick too...
And just start outside in tieing leafs on the wire template. I must say this was more time consuming that i would have liked, a few hours all combined.
IMG_3528 IMG_3530 IMG_3534
But I'd say the end product was well worth it! IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 Jakey wanted to help but I wouldnt let he gave me his best "puppy dog face" IMG_3533 HEY! Write it down, record the date, I did a post that wasn't about the baby :) Merry Christmas!


  1. Love it! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are too funny! Great job on the wreath! I wanted to make one for fall, and ran out of time. Next year for sure! (and I might enlist your help)

  3. Frannnnnddddddd..... you're kidding me right?!?! Super woman... how did you find time to make this #1? AND #2, I'm in love! Love the layers! So perfect for the front door! Lastly #3, I can picture you "borrowing" leaves (sneakily) from the neighbors yard. hahah! I still have my wreaths up from 3 (????) years ago that you made. Everything I take them out of the box I think of you and they are in PERFECT condition.

    ps... Hi Jakey!

    pss... More DIY posts please!

  4. Wow! That wreath looks great, Mel! Job well done!

  5. This turned out beautiful honey! I love magnolia leaves. You did such an awesome job.

  6. This is fantastic! Would you steal some more leaves and make me one?


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