Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A dreamy creamy kitchen

If there is one thing my husband and I agree up when it comes to home decor it's that we both LOVE white kitchens. Hands down we are just white kitchen people. We didn't want that to stop us from buying a home though because kitchen cabinets can be changed. When we were house hunting we almost built a new construction home in a neighborhood called Robbins Park. Walking through their model we homes we feel in LOVE with their open airy decor and open floor plans. However, these top notch homes came at a price tag that was going to end up being more debt than we wanted to take on. We acheived our open floor plan dream with our new home on Linksland and now are working to give it that open airy feel. First, here's some our inspiration. These are photos of the Robbins Park model homes.  photo Floorplans_Huntington_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_329_Kitchen08_zps8b6335fe.jpg photo 67212ccf-6bc2-4a07-bb3b-11617459f4aa_zps10e8cbd9.jpg
 photo Floorplans_Huntington_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_329_Kitchen_zps1988b033.jpg
 photo Floorplans_Sonoma_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_330_Kitchen_zps0fd98eb1.jpg
 photo Floorplans_Sonoma_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_330_GreatRoom02_zps4ae547ec.jpg
 photo Floorplans_Sonoma_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_330_GreatRoom05_zpsb59ede45.jpg
 photo Floorplans_Huntington_SL_Photos_RobbinsRetreat_329_Kitchen03_zps982cbfc6.jpg

Beautiful right?

Here's a picture of our kitchen now...
 photo 2119274_501_18.jpg
 photo 2119274_401_18.jpg

And this was mine and lindsey's sad attempt at painting the cabinets white/cream to see what it will look like. bahahahhaah.  photo bwhahaha.jpg
Pretty terrible visual...guess we'll just have to wait for the real thing!! The cabinets are being repainted on Feb. 14th! Happy Valentines day to me.

The other thing we loved in these robbins park model homes was the pale blue paint. I would never think of doing so much blue in a home but it's so pretty and if you go pale enough with a touch of gray it really can act as a neutral. This past weekend we spent some time picking out the perfect white cabinet color and the perfect blue/gray wall color for our new home. This is what we ended up with.

Sherwin Williams "creamy" and Benjamin Moore "gray sky" All the trim in the house will be Sherwin Williams "pure white"

Hunter and I read in a design book that you should look at your wall color as a pair of pants. If someone told you, you had to wear the same color pants for 3 years what would you pick? If you went with your royal blue pants you might have fun wearing them for the first month but after a while you'd get sick of them and probably run out of ideas of tops to pair with them. But a pair of Khakis you could probably wear all three years, never run out of top ideas or tire of them. Interesting way of looking at it...I think i could wear Gray sky pants for three years. Could you?


  1. The white cabinets are going to look amazing! I am also a HUGE fan of white kitchens. You should also pick out some new cabinet hardware like the ones in the model home. A similar style would match back to the new light you are going to hang over the island. However, I imagine you probably already thought of this... can't wait to see the reveal! Congrats on the new home!


  2. I love a white kitchen..can't wait to see what you do with it! I actually think your painting gives a good visual of what is to come!

    Also absolutely love blue in a home, especially in a bedroom!

  3. Yet again! Twins! We are painting our kitchen white in several weeks. Luckily the cabinets came white, which is realll nice. Hope it all goes well! Meg painted hers white and they turned out amaze so I'm sure it will be great.

  4. The kitchen you have now is beautiful but I agree with you...White is the ticket. So nice to have an ex interior designed bestie to help you feel good about you choices! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Obsessed with this entire situation.... and that paint combination is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person... the hubs and I will make an appearance on Saturday! :) xo


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