Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy with boxes and paint

Well, we're in! There's LOTS LOTS LOTS still to be done, but we're in. At the end of this I'll be ok if I dont see another box or paint swatch for LOOOOOOOONG time!

We've been busy little bees unpacking boxes...

While working around our kitchen cabinets being painted....

And trying to figure out a paint color for the walls....

Oh and I MIGHT have done a little shopping too. Maybe. I blame this girl.

Can't wait til it all comes in and things start to fall into place. I foresee some before and after photos in ya'll future :)


  1. I have been stalking your blog, waiting for this post! I knew you'd be busy but am so glad for this little sneak peak =) Hope the color selections and unpacking continue with ease XOXO

  2. Hahahaha... finally a new post! :) Love the progress.... and the paint... and the cabbies... and the AWESOME furniture... and the little nugget of yours! :) It's coming together beautifully, Mel! xo

  3. Cabinets are looking sooo good girl! So exciting. BIG difference. I also love your pendant shades, however, I may be biased since that is the same fabric that I have as my curtains in my dining area. :) I always get compliments on it so it is obviously an excellent choice. Can't wait to see your new wall color. Everything is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful chair!
    Lovely home!

  5. I love what you did with your kitchen. YOu have inspired me. I also live in Charlotte. I am LuLu over at

    1. Thanks Lulu, and thanks for following along. I'll check out your blog :)


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