Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who knew....Knobs!

Who knew new kitchen knobs could make such a big difference. This might be my favorite change to date. And who knew kitchen knobs could make a girl sooo happy :) Props to hubby for hanging them perfectly straight (he had to drill new holes to install them!)

I was sick last down for the count sick allll week! But we are making progress. The whole house has been painted, kitchen table lantern installed and we are just waiting on the island fixture to get back from big daddy's shop. It needed some height adjusting!

I've been really bad about taking pictures with the good camera of the house and of HL5. I'm going to make this a priority this weekend so look for some good posts next week! :) Happy almost Friday!


  1. Love your kitchen! Its so nice and spacious! The knobs look great!

  2. Put a KNOB on it!!! Looks fabulous my dear... now if you'd only invite me over ;) to see that new island light fixture in place! But really, the place is looking gorge and I know you were talking about the replacing the backsplash, but it really doesn't both me at all... I like it! Now seeing your counters cleaned up :), the paint on the walls, the white cabs and fresh knobbies... looks like a million bucks!


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