Monday, April 15, 2013

In full bloom

I'm feeling better about the house these days. Feel like we are getting there.  I mean we slept in the guest room last night because our bedroom is torn to peices and being painted BUT we're getting there.  Couches are being delivered tomorrow, a few rooms to hang pictures in, and a few key pieces of furniture to order and I'd say its a point where we can begin to do things over time and enjoy doing them not do things out of neccessity to make the house even livable!

One the fun things about a new home is discovering how it changes with the seasons.  This spring I discoverd our trees in the front are cherry blossoms!!  They are seriously gorgeous, and I may be cut off some branches and decorated the inside of the house too.  Cherry blossoms are my absolute favorite.  They were supposed to be the flowers at our wedding until the florist dropped the ball last minute...I won't even go there now.  ugh...still makes me mad!
Anyways, in full bloom...check them out. I love spring! (minus the pollen our deck is yellow)


  1. Ahhhh.... there's nothing prettier than cherry blossoms in full bloom! Can't wait to see your yard tomorrow (and sofas!)... xo


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