Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garage Sale'n

Last Saturday our neighborhood had a neighborhood garage sale.   Every family contributed $5 dollars to participate which covered advertising for the event.  The HOA took care of all the advertising and gave out balloons to put on your mailbox if you were participating.  It was great timing for us and our friends who have all just moved to the neigborhood and have tons of stuff that we didnt want to use in our new homes.  Friday night our friends brought there items for sale over and we had a fun evening organzing, and pricing the goods.  Saturday morning bright and early at 7am was game time! 

It really was a lot of fun, drinking coffee, chating with friends, enjoying the crisp morning air all while making some dough!!  In total between all three families we made around 900 dollars! cha-ching!

John had a special attachement to his lamp and Hunter had a really hard time letting go of his antalope Jerome. He gave him one final kiss goodbye! haha
 photo eda096d6ba2dce2e8da31b4d22ddcbe5_zpsd966cc4a.jpg

WOW - we had a lot of shiz!
 photo 5bd6d1172dab30a5d6eee6c6c687a20e_zps8ef68462.jpg

 photo 327eb2903964991d8e43fd7c239c7e8f_zps0b79aa35.jpg

This was saturday evening...we hung out all day and cooked out that night. After waking up at 6am to begin the garage sale festivies I was looking a bit tired! man oh man!

 photo 6fc762943a08c11c3056d3a4efbc37ee_zpsbc44f921.jpg

We're already looking forward to next years garage sale!!

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