Thursday, October 30, 2014

A beautiful Charleston Wedding

Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook may remember me blowing up Instagram a few weekends ago while we were down in charleston for the weekend. Pardon the large volume of posts...we were slightly excited to have a weekend away from the kids since it had been a good year and a half! We had one of my college girlfriends to thank for the getaway as she got married that Friday night at Boone Hall Plantation and man was it SWOON worthy!! I would have died for some wedding inspiration like this when I was a bride to be. Hopefully there are some engaged girls out there reading who get a few fab ideas for your upcoming wedding :) I also want to note that these crappy iPhone pics don't even do the decor, scenery, and bride beauty was all gorgeous!! Congrats Jillian and Marc, we loved celebrating with you!! 

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