Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are you ready for some...Football & Fall!!


31 Bags - Spirit Collection
Dress - Target

And this is why he is having a little monster themed 1st bday party.  haha.


We've been enjoying football season around here (some more than others, let's be honest)

I've been enjoying getting the house ready for fall...
Fall Mantle

New Carpet - yay!!!

If you haven't checked out Targets new fall home decor collection yet you MUST! It's great.  Scored this adorbs tote basket and my dear friend lindsey had fab idea of using is for plants.  I was thinking magazines or toliet paper in the bathroom but plants is such a better idea.  Thanks Linds.

Next up, fall family pictures and pumpkin patches.  How can anyone NOT love this season.


  1. LOLS!!!!! He really is a monster.... that face! Ouchie, he's coming to get chu! :) Love all the maroon and that dress is too cute (go Target)! The mantel looks like fall perfection! I wish I could wear a jersey and a diaper all day long... Jelly! :) Did you see how Two Delighted did the Pottery Barn DIY to their glass pillars like you have? They added the chain? Would be super cute on yours in gold! xx

  2. ooooooooo i just checked it out. that is so cool and they are two talented girls. love it! that would look great on the vase the red candle is in. and lord knows i have some cylinder vases that could use some spurcing up.


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