Thursday, August 21, 2014

Home Tour: Living Room...Help us decide!

Settling and decorating our home is one of the several things that’s kept us busy this past year and half. We did a lot at first with big ticket items like rugs, furniture, paint etc….but then backed off to have James and are now starting to get back into the details. There are empty walls that need to be filled, window treatments that need to be hung, lighting to be changed out and even a few totally empty rooms still. And I should mention it all takes forever to do because I don’t have one of those “whatever you want hunny” husbands. Hunter is OPINIONATED when it comes to his home…everything takes convincing and I have to show him exactly what it’s going to look like before it gets done. The man has zero ability to be able to imagine what something will look like. However, I am grateful he has an opinion because I do think it keeps me from doing things like picking out hot pink guest room bedding and then regretting it months later (true story).

I’m going to start a home tour series…focus on one room or hallway etc at a time and hope it helps me also complete these areas!

First up is the living room, where we spend most of our time! Enjoy the pictures but at the end help us decide on what to put on the bare wall above the couch!

Our original idea was this….
and I still really like this option. Hunter on the other hand wants to do art work. My fear with art is we already have so much going on with the pillows, rug, and wall color it needs to be simple art which is hard to find. I feel like I would want abstract and have been looking along these lines….

What do you all think? Mirror or Art?

Couches: Macys
Coffee Tables: Ballard Designs
Rug: Potterybarn
Wingback chairs and Trunk between them: Potterybarn
Floor Lamps: Potterybarn Outlet
Pillows: Etsy, Target, and Potterybarn
Floor Basket: Serena and Lilly
Decor: Mostly Homegoods


  1. So good to see you back...I've missed your blog. Congrats on sweet baby James! I'm a mom of two little boys too (each of mine is almost exactly a year older than each of yours). I love the mirror from PB and think it would look great. The space looks pretty big and I'm always afraid of large art, but agree that abstract would probably be the way to go if maybe it was a series of 3 smaller ones or something. We just got a large map of the Charleston SC peninsula from one of the art shops there this past spring. It has really muted and soothing colors. It is going to be hanging over our sofa if I ever take it to get framed. Is there somewhere that is special to your family that you might want to get a map print of?

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Such great ideas!! Our paint color is Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.

  2. Oh Also...what color paint is on your walls? I love it!

  3. LOVE your living room! I vote mirror only because i think mirrors are much easier to pick than art!

  4. I vote mirror! And the PB one is like a piece of art :)


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