Tuesday, August 19, 2014

James Penn's Baptism Weekend

I have the urge to blog! So you know what... I'm gonna just go with it. Maybe this means I'm back, maybe it doesn't. I have NO idea! Only time (and how much time I have) can tell. But if I can find the time I truly miss what a great outlet it was for me. It helps me process all that is going on in our lives, allows me to look back and count our blessings when life gets crazy. And most importantly helps us keep out of town family in touch with our lives and be able to see the boys grow all too fast.

Where do you pick up when you haven't blogged in over a year? Well, there is no way in heck I can catch everyone up on the past year so how about we start out with last weekend. :)

We baptized James Penn and had lots of family and friends in town to help us celebrate this joyous occasion and baby! Of course, I didnt take any pictures of his cute cupcake cross, or the yummy food we made, or our pretty wedding china we used, I have some work to do if I am going to get back into this blogging thing. I used to take a ton of pictures and just don't anymore...perhaps knowing I want to blog about an event or the kids will force me to pick up the camera a little more often too.

So without further a-do, James's baptism weekend.

Thursday night started out with a rare and I mean RARE mama's night out. After a happy hour with co-workers I had to a besties birthday party. Happy Happy Birthday KV!! xo
Mom and Dad also came into town Thursday night. Friday Mom and I had a nice mother/daughter day shopping while Papa and James held down the fort.
Friday night we went to the club house for all you can eat crab legs.
We live on a golf course and our house is literally right across the street from the club house. We love to go eat outside there and while we wait for food Hunter IV and V work on their golf game over on putting green....
After dinner and the kids we're down we enjoyed drinks on the back deck (this is our pretty status-quo friday/sat night). Love this Mama of mine!

Saturday Dad and Hunter got up and attempted to take Hunter V for a hair-cut. HUGE I mean HUGE fail! Hunter V is PETRAFIED of getting hair cuts so we have been cutting it at home. He's been getting better with allowing us to cut it at home so we thought maybe just MAYBE he might be ready to go back to a barber. Hunter said he stepped one foot into the barber shop and froze. Enough said.
While the boys we're off failing miserably at getting haircuts Mom and I cleaned house and prepped for James's baptism celebration.
Saturday afternoon, Hunter's family hosted us at their condo on Lake Norman, including a nice long boat ride. Little man LOVES to "go ride big-daddy's boat" He also Loves to swim in the lake!
Just seeing Hunter, Papa (my dad), and Big-Daddy (my father-in-law) all interact together with Hunter V really gets you to thinking how blessed my boys are to have such great men in their lives who are true role models and love them so much!
Sunday morning was James's baptism. We woke up, prepped a few things for the party afterwards and headed off to church.

After church we had a little celebration at our house. Everything was beautiful, and huge thanks to all our family and friends who came out to show their love and helped with the party! God is so GOOD!


  1. WELLLL... two days... #1 James Penn's baptisim and #2 you're back! Love ur bunz!

  2. Welcome back, friend! I am SO excited to see an update on your little slice of the internet! Those boys are so dang cute and I can't wait to read more regular updates! I can't believe how big James is getting!!! What a perfect baptism weekend. And yes! Take more pictures!!!!! You can never have enough!

  3. Yay!! Glad you're back! What a nice celebration. Keep on blogging!


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