Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone, and a three day weekend ahead at that!  YAY!!  So while I was on my blogging hiatus A. Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm started a link up party called Five on Friday.  I believe the link up is still on a summer break but see other bloggers still participating in the Five on Friday blogpost.  I’m not one to miss a party so here goes…

1.        Mint M&Ms: my go to afternoon snack at work.  Or who am I kidding, breakfast with my coffee too.  So bad, but man they are good.
2.       James popped his first tooth:

 And although he is not fully crawling yet, he's managing to find a way to get where he wants to be.   (Under this chair)

3.       Hunter V has taken to wearing his bookbag when he walks in and out of school.  I’m slightly obsessed with how adorable he looks doing it!
4.      Also obsessing over some Rompers right now and Loft has some adorable ones.   My mom just purchased this one for me and you'll likely see pictures of me in it this weekend via insta!

5.       And lastly….This post is brought to you by the CAR! We are on our way to THE BEACH!!  My sweet family of 4 is in desperate need to get away from it all so we planned an impromptu beach trip at the beginning of this week.  4 Days, Three nights of fun in the sun with my boys.  Not to mention some awesome waterslides that Hunter V is going to LOVE.  We can’t wait. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with you and yours as well!


  1. I love those mint M&M's. I just picked up a pack of Birthday Cake flavored ones at Target that I can't wait to bust into to! Have a great vacation.

  2. Love the pics of those sweet boys and HL5 with his backpack... oh my gah!!! I die! Reminds me of all the peeps posting first day of pre-school all over insta today! HL5 is ahead of the game! Loving that romp girl! And don't temp me with candy... you know better! ;)


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