Tuesday, September 2, 2014


After seeing pictures from everyone’s awesome end of summer beach trips, I think I speak for most when I say today was especially hard to return to work. Our trip wasn’t long awaited but I’m so glad we went. Sometimes life just takes us by the horns instead of vice versa and opportunities to create family traditions or make memories are missed. I was craving some family time at the beginning of last week and now we have agreed this will be a yearly tradition to do a family beach trip, just the four of us (or maybe 5 of us one day : ) )
We ended up going to Myrtle beach and stayed at a resort called Dunes village. We typically aren’t the touristy type people and prefer more secluded beaches but our kids are too young to spend all day at the beach right now and therefore you can’t beat Dunes Village, waterslides, playground, lazy river, and pool for the kids, all right on the beach for mom and dad to enjoy while the kids napped. We got into a good little routine while we were there and def could have stayed a few more nights with typical days like this…

7am-ish – Arouse with the kids. Coffee, breakfast, cartoons…just like at home except with a better view

9am-ish – James went down for his morning nap in the room, and I stayed back to pack up the bags for a day on the beach, while Hunter took Hunter V down to the playground to burn some of that 3yr old morning energy.

Hunter would also claim our spot on the beach at this time by setting up our umbrellas and chairs before it got too packed.  After they got back Hunter would pack up the coolers and by 10/10:30 we were off to the waterslides!

10:30am -ish – Waterslides for the little man. This was by far Hunter V’s favorite part of the trip. From the time he was little he has been a sliding machine. The sand on the beach is “too messy” and the beach sun is “too hot” but my fearless two year old never met a slide he didn’t love. He started going down with us and then quickly gained confidence to do it on his own. (Now if we could just teach him to not cut in line!!!)

11:30am-ish – A loop around the lazy river after the waterslides and then off to park our bums on the beach. Once we got to settled in I would give Hunter V his lunch to eat and feed James. For the next hour Hunter V would contently eat his lunch on the beach while watching a show on our phones before he settled down for his nap.

12:30pm –ish - Hunter asleep in the stroller, James asleep on the blanket. We also brought battery operated fans so with the cool fan blowing on them, and the sound of the ocean in the background they had no reason to not nap great!
And for the next 2.5 hrs Hunter and I got to enjoy ourselves.
James would wake up after 30mins to 1hr nap but that was okay too. I remember the days of thinking a 6 month old was hard work. HA!! He’s not mobile yet, and loves to sit on our lap and play so we enjoyed some one on one beach time with him.

3:00pm – ish – Hunter V would wake up from his nap, we would attempt (with fail) to get him to go in the ocean or play in the sand and then give up and just head to the pool. Banana daiquiris daily while at the pool and all were happy.

4:00pm-ish – Back to the waterslides ( you have to walk by the waterslides to get to our room and there is not way the boy will walk by them without riding them)

5pm – ish – Back to the room for showers and to head to dinner.

It was such a good routine and the key was the waterslides, playground and pool for Hunter V to enjoy his vacation as well being he’s not a big beach kid (YET!) 

But Hunter and I LOVE the beach and really got our time out there too, thanks to my good little nappers.

I also highly recommend plenty of shade whether it be two umbrellas like we did (myrtle beach so no tents), a battery operated fan, the bop (for music), and lots of snacks for the kiddos.

Next family event on my list is …Apple Picking!! I say this every year and by the time I get around to looking up places, its October and Apple picking season is over.


  1. I want to take Henry there... what an awesome time with so much to do! I've never seen HL5 look so happy... his face on the waterside is priceless! What a blast for him! And James.... love that happy boy! His sweet smile! Glad y'all got away and had a good time, hun! :) We're joining you with apple pickin'! xo

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Apple picking sounds so fun!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. Looks so qute! Great blog to share your family pictures! keep posted


  4. The fan is what we were missing when we tried to go to the beach. What a great idea!! It was also over 100 the days we ended up going to FL and it was just too hot for a 2 month old. So we spent the time rotating who was going to be up in the condo and down playing with Max at the beach/pool. It was def. a bit too soon, but at least we stayed at my brothers and didn't spend too much money. Love the schedule and coordination you had!


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