Monday, September 8, 2014

Home Tour: Upstairs Hallways

Anyone need a little distraction from this dreary Monday? I sure do! How about a little piece of Home Tour. This is the hallway between the boys bedrooms. One of few areas that I would consider done!

I use the baskets under the console table to throw their stuff in, that is scattered around the house, and needs to be put way in their rooms. I long for the day that they empty these baskets themselves. :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Table: Potterybarn
Mirror: Potterybarn
Baskets: Target
Lamp shades: Potterybarn
Lamps: Homegoods
Decor: Homegoods
Frames: Target


  1. I absolutely love this area of your home and after seeing your paint color in these pics.. sighhhhh... totally wishing I wouldn't have done a stark WHITE! Love your paint! Looks gorgeous, gf!

    1. gf your cray cray! I have home envy everytime i step foot in your house. its unbelievably perfect in every way!! :)xo

  2. Beautiful! My boys would destroy that in an instant though the way they run up and down the hall between their rooms. I love the basket idea....I keep telling myself that I need something like that.


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