Monday, September 29, 2014

My New Business!!

Alright friends and followers here’s the big news!!

I am officially a Rodan + Fields consultant.  This may not be as exciting of news to you as it is to me but let me explain. 


1.       This past week I have started it has been soooooooo cool to see the fruits of my labor.  I have worked in corporate America for over 10 years and the harder I work does not mean the more money I see.  In selling Rodan + Fields the harder I work, the more business I sell the more money I see…that my friends is motivating!!

2.       On the same note…I technically own my own business!!  I track all my business expenses, lunch meetings, travel (gas), product purchases, computer (if I needed one) and when it comes tax time I write that all off!  I am in control of how I want to sell my product.  I’m not forced to do silly parties, stock inventory or work a certain amount of hours.  I’m my own boss with this one and I do what I want with it….IT’s soooooooooooo refreshing!! 

3.       When I started learning more about these products and then actually using them I could not stop grinning ear to ear.  They are AWESOME.   I quickly realized whether I was selling this product or not, I’m officially hooked and WILL be buying them for the rest of my life.   (not kidding).  I’m going to tell my friends about them anyways, I know they are going to start using them too once they see my results so I might as well make a little commission of my yapping. 


On that note, I’ll give you the quick and dirty of the Brand!




Rodan + Fields was created by the Dr’s that created ProActiv. They are current practicing Dermatologists out of California with at 2.5 year wait list to be a patient.   They saw the market in anti-aging products and took their money and success from ProActiv in 2002  and started Rodan + Fields.  From 2002 – 2008 their products were the #1 skincare line sold in high end retailers like Nordstrom.  However, the Dr’s are also smart business women and they realized they were paying an arm and a leg to sell their products in store and decided to go the Direct Sales Route.   They are also working moms and therefore also wanted to open an outlet for working moms to be able to own their own business and market their product that they knew they would be using and love anyways (hello that’s me!). 


Ok…now a quick and dirty of the products!  Keeping in mind these are clinically proven, created by Dr’s, money back guaranteed results!!! Yes, you read that right…money back if you don’t like them.  That’s how good they are!



There are four different skincare Regimes and each regime is a 3 to 4 steps.  You will have your wash, your treatment product, your toner and then your lotion. 


1 – Soothe:  For sensitive skin, redness, irritation, eczema, rosasea.  Now keep I mind it will not cure your eczema or rosasea but it will treat your symptoms and relieve your redness and sensitive    skin.

2- Unblemish: For acne prone people and acne scaring. 

3 – Reverse: For sun damage, sun spots, brown spots, and an overall lighter appearance

4 – Redefine: For anti-aging, cell turnover, reduce fine lines and fight the signs of aging.


If you want to see what regime is right for you,  click the link below, answer 4 or 5 quick questions and Rodan + Fields will give you advice.



Now the goal is to get everyone on the anti-aging regime, however if you have redness, acne, or sunspots we would want to treat those symptoms first, get you cleared up, and then start you on the anti-aging regime.  Or if you have no skin concerns to start then you are one lucky guy or girl and you can go straight to anti-aging.  And don’t say you don’t have wrinkles because if you don’t start a cell turnover regime NOW and prevent wrinkles then YOU WILL!!  NOW is the time to take care of your skin before it goes downhill…not after the fact!! Ok, I’m done with my shpeal there J


No top of the daily Regimes, Rodan + Fields also sells multi-function eye creams, serums, amp roller (non-invasive micro-Exfoliating roller), and a Macro Exfoliator (similar to a clarisonic).


Alright now what you all really want to know.  COST??  Depending on the regime right for you the cost is anywhere from $160 to $200 dollars.  BUT these are 60 day supplies so your monthly skin care cost could be anywhere from 80 to 100 bucks.  Sound crazy? Think of it this way, like I did.  How much do you spend a month at target on your, burts bees wash, no.7 eyecream, oil of Olay lotion etc.  Probably around 40 to 50 dollars and you’re doing crap to your skin (it’s the truth).  So for an extra 30-50 bucks a month you can actually be changing your skins appearance , and prepping for a wrinkle free face in the future. 


Not sold yet?  sorry I know this all coming off so sales’ie…but I am seriously passionate about these products that I don’t even care because as soon as you use them you will forget my sales pitch and start thanking me J I have friends that already have!!


Alright so the #gamechanger.  Rodan + Fields just created a new product called Acute Care…its already being talked about in all the fashion magazines like Hapers Bazaar.  

The slogan is “fill a wrinkle, over night, while you sleep”  It is literally a strip that you place over a wrinkle  before bed and you will wake up in the morning and the wrinkle will be filled.  Now…you will see immediate results overnight, however the lasting results are to use one strip every 3 days, for 4 weeks.  That’s 10 strips in the box.  If you follow that regime you will see lasting results for 12 weeks! 3 months!!   How much is Botox?  I have girlfriends that get Botox and its $500 minimum a procedure, results wear off in 4 months and you have to get shot with needles in a Dr’s office.   There is nothing like this on the market yet, and when it becomes available for everyone…I’m telling you its going to go NUTs!!


If u want to get your hands on the Acute care, it is being sold to preferred customers only on one day Oct. 27th.  After that, it does not come to market for others to buy until Jan 2015.  All preferred customer means is you sign up for automatic 60 day replenishments …HOWEVER, preferred customers get 10% off ALL THE TIME off EVERYTHING, and you will get an email a week before your shipment allowing you to either change what products your want or delay your order (you are not obligated to buy anything to be a preferred customer) and 10% off. No brainer…I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t.


Alright….I’m sure I totally overwhelmed you and your head is spinning, mine is too and I’m even the one that knows about this stuff.  So, if you just want to learn more about the products, see some before and after photos, try them out, learn about Rodan + Fields consultants ANYTHING feel free to reach out to me. and we can set up some time to chat.  OR, if you just want to browse their products on your own on the internet


OR…. If you’re in Charlotte, come to my business launch party! It will be on October 16th at 7:30pm at my house. (email me for the official invite).  It is NOT a pass around an order form at the end of the party and place your order type deal.  I promise, that’s why I love this business.   It’s a come learn about Rodan + Fields as a business and their products. Total learning and support…and free wine J  xo!


Thanks to those who even read through this whole post!  Everyone has been really really supportive of me in this new and exciting venture I’m embarking on and for that alone, I thank you!!



  1. What an interesting product! I'd like to know more about it!

  2. Managing your own business may entail a lot of responsibility, but it will always be exciting. Doing so gives you the opportunity to manage your own time, meet wonderful people, and meet new friends; all the while earning profits as you do so. Loving what you do is just a huge plus to it. Anyhow, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope it will stay that way.

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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