Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

How about them Hokies!! Hunter and I agree to agree that we both really like the new quarterback Michael Brewer. I watched his post game interview last night and for a 22 year old he really seems to be level headed and have his shiz together. The facial hair could go…but we won’t go there. I’m sure it doesn’t prevent the college girls from seriously digging him!

So Hunter was in Ohio at the Hokie game. His words when he got home on Sunday were “It’s fun to win.” He said there were no strangers amongst the Hokie fans on Saturday night after that game. Sounds like a good time to me! I’m sorry I missed it (or sorry I wasn’t even invited).

And so it goes…back home on the ranch, I was certainly not lonely thanks to some wonderful friends!! Friday night I put the boys down at The Thorne’s house and enjoyed “un-wine-ding” from the week with Lindsey and John.

Saturday the boys and I had a nice morning at home that involved some napping for James, some tri-cycle riding and baseball playing for Hunter.

After James woke up from his morning nap we headed to The Mitchell’s house for some lunch and play date. After lunch, both boys went down for a nap at their house and I was able to enjoy almost two whole hours of me time catching up with my girlfriend Nicola – her babes slept too and it was truly heaven!

After naps, we headed home to re-group (re-pack diaper bag) before we met back up with The Thorne’s and Mitchells at Birkdale for dinner. A little Bad Daddy’s burger bar, and TCBY to boot and mama was SPENT!! We were home and all in bed by 8:30pm!!

Being we were out and about all day Saturday, Sunday I did not want to leave the house at all! Hunter was home bright and early from Ohio (and tired) so while he and James took morning naps, little Hunter and I had some awesome play time together in his playroom. We read books, did flashcards, played memory, put together puzzles, built rainbows out of play-doh….I haven’t given him that kind of one-on-one attention in a long time and it felt good! We will def do it more often!

After lunch both boys went back down for naps and I ran some errands kid free. Pier-one, Home goods, and the grocery store in 1.5hrs….its amazing how quickly you can get stuff done without kids in tow!

And in the afternoon we did our best to soak up all that is left of summer by breaking out the slip n slide, and sitting on the back deck.

Then all too quickly 5:30pm hit. Dinner, bath, bed commenced and before we knew it, it was 9pm and Monday morning.

Back at it.


  1. I love having your blog back... These posts make me happy. Those are two of the sweetest boys and I'm so thankful that Henry is spoiled by their love so often. Makes my heart so happy to see Henry look up to HL5 and to see him play tackle with James. Then add Kiara and Leigh into the mix... so cute! Love y'all and glad Mommy + her boys had such a great weekend. Can't wait to pick apples this weekend! Xoxo

  2. It sounds like you all had a lovely weekend! Love all of your photos!



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