Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday …Here we are again!

1.        I had all intentions of blogging about Hunter’s bday Party last weekend.  It was a blast and all the kids did so great decorating chef hat, aprons and making pizza. And the pete the cat cake that my Husband and I made was a BIG HIT!!  Check back and I’ll blog about it this weekend along with a 3 year post on my big boy! 

2.       I went to a Wildtree Party last night.  Every heard of it?  It’s all natural and mostly organic meal prep items like sauces, seasonings, and box mixes.  You purchase the sauces or seasoning and then on their website they will give you tons of dinner recipes to make with your items along with a fool proof shopping list.  They also come out with monthly bundles…you can buy a bundle for around 50 dollars and it will come with around 8 items, shopping list and 8 recipes for your dinner that month.  And the food is delicious.   Last night I ordered the…Rosemary Lemon blend, Tarragon simmering sauce, Scampi blend, Perfect Piccatta sauce,  and alfredo extraordinaire.  I see some yummy meals in our future….watch out chicken nuggets and mac n cheese, you’re on the bench!

3.       Splurged on some TB lipstick, and some new TB flats during a Veterans day sale!  (Have I mentioned I love my new R+F job and having #memoney :)

4.       This weeks amazon orders consisted of: 

-          The Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop,Blue - It finally happened…hunter pooped in the tub. It was so gross I don’t even want to talk about it but it resulted in new bath toys and new bath toy storage.
-          In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love, and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life - I feel like we are always disciplining Hunter…our family could use some laughter so hopefully I get some good tips J

5.       And tonight we are babysitting this handsome fella!  Can’t WAIT and we hope his mommy and daddy have a wonderful much deserved date night!


  1. Hi there. I am new to your blog and visiting from the link up. How cute is your family. I live in Upstate SC! Welcome Southern Belle!

    1. Thanks Hun! Heading over to check out your blog now xo

  2. Will you do a review of the book? I've never heard of it but I'm super intrigued! Have fun babysitting that cutiepie, I just have to LAUGH about Hunter in the tub too! Totally a fear of mine!

    1. Hey girl, I'll def do a little book review! Oh my gosh we made it three years before it happened but man oh man did he make up for it in one shit I mean shot ;) xo

  3. Love this! Can't wait to see this adorable birthday party blogged!!

  4. Thanks for taking such good care of our little man... and thank you for the adorable pic of Henry's ride time with Jakey! :) I can't wait to hear about the book! ANDDDDD... show us those new shoes of yours! xo


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