Sunday, March 20, 2016

James Penn's Hot Dog Party

Hey ya'll!!! Long time no post ;)  A few weeks ago we threw James Penn a "Hot Dog" themed 2nd birthday party so just wanted to share its adorableness for you to steal some ideas from and for our families purpose of documenting some memories!  

A little background on the theme.  Like most two years olds James Penn LOVES Mickey Mouse. However, he calls it "hot dog" because of the hot dog dance at the end AND he also happens to love hot dogs the food.  So instead of doing a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party I thought we would do "Hot Dog" themed party with just touches of Mickey Mouse in there.  

Of course every party starts with an invite and usually I use the invite to build a theme for the rest of the event.  My go to is always Minted!  I love that all of our friends and families addresses are saved in my Minted account so not only can I order invites but I can have them pre-addressed as well.  All i have to do is stamp and send them once they arrive.  

Next I always enlist the help of my super talented girlfriend Nicola to help build upon my theme with original cake toppers and decor.  All I told her a Hot Dog themed party with touches of Mickey Mouse, sent her the invite I purchased and she came up with this!!  Seriously...she's amazing!! How adorable is this sign! 

And the cake toppers she created!!! So much attention to detail. I personally would much rather pay 20 bucks for a cake from target and make it match my theme paper toppers like this than pay 200 dollars for themed fondant cake.  

I especially loved this party theme because the food couldn't get any more simple!! A hot dog bar!!  We did build your own chicago dogs, southern dogs, BLT dogs or Classic dogs.  And for the kiddos also had pigs in a blanket and corn dogs on a stick.   

Put out some chips (sweet potato chips for the kids) and a broccoli salad and call it a day! 

Appetizers were super easy too. You can buy Mickey Mouse shaped cheese at Walmart. Cheese and crackers done.   (found the Mickey Mouse paper balls below at party city!)

Then I put the hubby to work cutting out Mickey Mouse shaped pineapples and skewering grapes. 

And for size Mickey Mouse's and a Mickey Mouse bounce house in the driveway....

Picture of the boy's faces as they were blowing up the bounce house :) 

We didn't get your typical adorable 2 year old blowing out his birthday candles picture. We got something WAY better in my opinion. REAL LIFE haha.   Big Brother Hunter in the back ground was having a hard time dealing with the fact that this was not HIS birthday so right before we started singing happy birthday he gave little brother a good whack.  That combined with the overwhelming atmosphere of 30 people singing to you, the birthday boy wasn't too happy :(  

Wasn't anything a little birthday cupcake couldn't fix!!! 

Happy 2nd Birthday James Penn!! We love you ALWAYS and FOREVER! 

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  1. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! I cannot believe James is TWO! Cutest hot dog party ever. Can't wait to recreate your hot dog bar! So awesome! xo


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