Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday

No small talk...getting right down to it!

1.  I received this ring from Pandora as a christmas gift from my mother in law and I'm LOVING it.  I've never owned anything from Pandora before nor have I ever wore a middle finger ring.  Look at me now getting all crazy.  Would make a pretty darn good valentines day gift! xo

2.  So we've subscribing to the Hello Fresh meal delivery.  We've liked it so far but THIS MEAL ya'll by far has been the best one we have ever had.  It was incredibly simple, you could buy the 7 ingredients it takes to make it from the grocery store for probably like $10 bucks and it literally cooked in 30 Mintues!  I put fish sticks in the oven for the boys and by the time their dinner was ready this was ready for us. I was shocked! Needless to say we've made it twice in the past two weeks! Go make it!

3.  I know we're all tired of buying winter clothes at this point but ya'll some of the sales are unreal.  I wore this poncho yesterday and a girl asked where i got so I looked it up... you can get it for $27 dollars right now!!  And they have size xs/s left! 

4.  Who's ready for the super bowl!! Here in Charlotte you can feel the excitement everywhere you go!  Yesterday while walking uptown to get lunch there was a guy on the street selling these lego Panther football players.  Aren't they adorable!!  Let's just say I have one VERY HAPPY 4 year old when i came home with these.  If your uptown in the next week look for the guy on trade and tyron he had some good Super Bowl goodies!
5.  We've starting weening James of his Paci this week.  Just during the day. He doesn't have it at "school" all day and we make him keep it in his bed when he wakes up.  So what has he taken to?? Sucking his thumb. YES!! Every time I look at him from the time I pick him up from daycare to the time he goes to bed he is full out sucking his thumb.  We can't have that ...I'd rather him have his paci til he's five then start the thumb sucking thing...right? Help!  Kid is a hot mess I'l leave you with these! Lol! #modeljames


  1. That kid is a hawt mess - I LOVE HIM! Hahahaha... typical James fashion to be all... effe off mama, if you're not giving me my paci then back off my thumb! :) I LOVE THE RING! Where can I get the Panther legos? GO FOOTBALL! LOVE YOU! CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR DATE TODAY! DO WE DESERVE CHAMPS?


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