Friday, January 15, 2016

Kids Activities

I've had so many things in the back of my head that I want to do with the kids but felt like I've been just holding them off until we got through the crazies of fall, football, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years.

Well..we're here...Hallelujah!!! 

So here's my FIVE on FRIDAY!!

A list of five activities the kids are enrolled in and we are excited to watch their little skills develop.  

1.  "My Spotlight" class at the Children's Theatre:

Hunter V has always been our drama king!! (In more sense than one) From dress up, to singing, to acting out movies and memorizing his books...  that boy LOVES to perform! 

So he's starts a creative drama class next week at the Children's theatre in Charlotte. It's call "My spotlight" and helps kids brings stories to life.  Anyone that knows my sweet Hunter knows he's going to LOVE this class. Mom and Dad are looking forward to the last class where they share with us all that they've learned in theatre concepts! 

2.  Spring Baseball with I9 Sports:

After theatre ends in March, baseball starts! Hunter turned 4 in November and we have been holding out until this spring to enroll him in any sports.  This will be his first team sport enrollment so we're excited to see how he likes it.  For those local we are going through I9 sports. I've heard great things!

3. The Little Gym:

As for Sweet Ole James - he started his Beasts and Super Beasts class at The Little Gym last week.  We had Hunter V enrolled in the little gym from around 1 years old until he was almost three and we all loved it. Look how proud he was of his first trophy from there!

Mom guilt over here that James is already getting the shaft - not that it really matters he's had his big brother to wrestle with at home, where as Hunter V didn't.  Any who - Hunter and I will rotate saturdays taking James and its REALLY nice to have that one on one time with him.   With each kid for that matter.  I plan to take Hunter V to the library on saturday mornings while James is at little gym.  Hunter's really gotten the hang of checking out library books. He loves to go in pick  new books, read them at home, return them...the whole concept just really turns his crank ;)

4.  Swim lessons:

Around March/April time frame I'd like to get a head start on summer by enrolling both boys in swim lessons.  If we could get these besties to do more than just look cool on the side of the pool this year that'd be stellar!

I'm not sure we're we are going to enroll them yet.  We've done Nomad before and thought it was ok.  Google searches also pull up recommendation for Huntersville Family & Aquatics and also Little Otter Swim School.  Any charlotte moms out there know the best swim school on the north side feel free to opine :)

5. Family Fun:

Some other activities I have my heart set on in the next two months are taking the boys to Beech Mountain and Great Wolf Lodge.

Hunter V is DYING to see snow and Beech Mountain is only 2.5 hours away so we'd just make it a day trip.  I'm sure 12 hours of fun in the snow is all a 4 year old and 2 year old can handle.  We'd leave early in the morning get there by 10am and hit the sledding hill.  Grab some lunch then maybe do a little afternoon snow tubing or ice skating.  Grab some dinner and throw kids in jammies before heading home and you KNOW they will sleep the whole way home.  Now - the key is finding a weekend where its not 30 degrees.  A nice 50 degrees would be perfect for the younin's. This was probably the last time Hunter saw snow...look how little he was!

Great Wolf Lodge is literally 2 minutes away from our house.  It seems sort of silly spending the night there when we live so close but its all about the experience right.  My kids are water slide freaks so I KNOW this will be an activity they LOVE.  I've heard great things but have never been before so again any tricks to the trade or tips are welcome!

Hope ya'lls new years are starting off well! I'm pretty excited to see memories we make with our kiddos in 2016!! xoxo

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