Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Weekend #1

As I mentioned in my first post Matt and Katy are moving to California soon and we wanted to all get together as a family before they left. So... to Nana and Papa's house we went! It was a short trip for Hunter and I because we couldn't take any time off of work. We got in late Friday night and only had all day Saturday with everyone but it was sooo worth the trip anyways! All the girls are growing fast and cute as can be! Being around family really makes us wish we lived closer to them all. Saturday's big event was the D.C. National Zoo. Enjoy the pics :)

Sweet Emma

Happy Riley!

Papa was the stroller guy!

Our attempts at family pictures :)

Maddie and her panda souvenir

The girls after a fun day! :)

Hunter and I are heading to Pawley's Island saturday to spend a week at the beach with his family! Stay tuned for Family Weekend #2! xoxo

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