Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shed Progress....

I really wonder how many more blogs we are going to have with this title. Hunter's one day shed project has turned into a 6 month shed project. BUT, I'm not complaining because they are working hard and it looks great! This past sunday Hunter and his Dad added all the trim, a ramp, and a door to the infamous shed! Next they need to put up shelves on the inside, caulk the outside, and add two coats of primer paint. Then we can paint it to match our house and WA-LA! Whew I'm tried just thinking about it and its not even my project. Problem is we are heading into college football season so Hunters weekends of being productive around the house are officially far and few between. We're excited though!!! Heading to D.C. this weekend for the Boise State/Virginia Tech game at FEDEX field! GO HOKIES!!!!

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