Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Weekend # 2

Hi friends and fam! Some of you know what family week #2 consisted of but for those that do not, hold onto your hats!
I want to start out by saying even though our plans MAJORLY changed I can't help but think the original title of this blog continues to be very fitting.
We ended up getting two glorious and relaxing days at the beach until Monday night when we got "the call." Hunter's grandfather (aka "E") had passed away. It was so so sad and I honestly had been dreading this moment since the day I met Hunter. I've lost several grandparents, the first one being in 9th grade, and when I met Hunter at the age of 24 and he told me he'd never been to a funeral and had all his grandparents living, I knew it was going to be a hard first!
We packed up the cars and headed to Danville, VA Tuesday Morning. Tuesday through Sunday consisted of tears, hugs, stories/laughs about "E", and a continuous outpouring of food, flowers and visitors from all who love him and Gram in Danville, VA. I'll be honest and I think Hunter would agree it was a LONG week! But, it was a true celebration of life for "E" and a little one for Hunter's dad who's birthday was on Saturday. Sweet baby Reagan (Hunter's niece) did a great job of keeping a smile on EVERYONE's face, and most importantly we are so grateful for the fact that we were all together throughout the whole thing! Not as good of scenery as the beach but non the less a "family weekend". Here's a few pics from our two day's in Pawley's and a couple from the week in Danville.

Hunter's dad out there setting up chairs and horseshoes before everyone is awake.

View of Pawley's peir from our condo's window.

Cool picture I took from under the Pier!
Loving my new name :)
Reagan taking a dip in the ocean with mama
Yum, we got in our shirmp and onion sandwhich dinner!
Sweet Moment after dinner in the condo
Sunset, our favorite time of night!
Grami rocking Reagan on the back porch (I took this pic from the beach)
The 4 generations in Danville
Enjoying family time on Grandmommies back deck


  1. Great pics lady! Looks like a fun time had by all!

  2. I'm trying it again... my comments aren't going through, fingers crossed this time!
    I'm sorry about your loss hun, but I'm happy you got to spend some quality time with the family! Great pictures! Love you!

  3. Yea... it worked! Love you again!

  4. Ugh - hit comment in order to not get caught by boss and didn't finish reading your post. So sorry about your loss but at least it was time everyone got to spend together and more memories created. xox


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