Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life through instagram....

Busy busy we are and I hate neglecting the bloggie blog so I figure this is the fastest way to give u a quick update of what we've been up to. And...who doesn't like a visual right??

No time to number the pics so i'm testing your smarts...see if you can follow along. From left to right, top to get the drift.

1. Two saturday nights ago. Husband, wife, wine, fire. It was a lovely evening.

2. There's a baby...sleeping at the dinner table. Nugget fell asleep while out grabbing burgers on a friday night. Was only like 6:30pm. stop judging.

3. Peas and Pears for HLV. I've taken well to making homemade organic baby food. Baby has taken well to eating it!

4. Panty bouquet I made for my best friends Bachelorette weekend. I'm off to Charleston tomorrow morning for a weekend of partying with the bride! Being the MOH this is one of many little things I've been working on for the weekend. Decor, food/drinks, attire, gifts, it's been fun preparing and now it's finally here! Whoot whoot

5. Sweet Potatoes and Apples. HLV LOVEs him some sweet potatoes...apples, not so much.

6. Soon to be baby bubble. or romper. whatever you want to call it. Just call me Betty. Pattern is cut, time to sew. In my spare time. ha!

7. Little monster in the morning.

8. Little monsters summer digs. Dig em? I sure do!

Love ya'll. Don't give up on us.


  1. I love seeing your updates! What's your IG name?

  2. Let me know when you start perfecting these bubbles! I know a certain Niece of yours that can rock a bubble pretty darn well!:)

  3. Love all of your Insta's! :) and I LOVE that sweet little man of yours even more. Lately I've been more addicted to Insta than FB! It's more fun to watch peoples lives through everyday pictures than sifting through nonsense posts on the FB. You need to post a pic on Insta everyday!

    1. I totally agree!!! Just getting into this insta thing...i'll keep doing it more and more :) oxox


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