Thursday, May 16, 2013

A beautiful evening...

Sometimes all it takes to get out of our ruts is to just mix up the old routine a little bit. Spontaniously.

Wake up, shower, get ready, wake baby up, get him ready, take hubby to work, take baby to work, take myself to work, work. Pick up baby, pick up hubby, go home, make dinner, feed baby, feed Jake, give baby bath, read him books, put him to bed. Feed ourselves, do laundry, pick up toys, clean kitchen, vacuum jake hair. Does this routine sound familar to anyone else? Pretty sure it does to most working moms.

Last night for our anniversary we dicedied to mix up the ole routine, last minute. We made the plan to have a picnic on The Green after work with baby instead of heading home right away. I didn't have anything prepped for baby and I didnt want to picnic in my work clothes. So I picked up baby from school and we headed to target. I bought a comfy maxi dress to throw on, grabbed some champagne, plastic glasses, bubbles and a ball for baby to play with, cheese crackers and some chic-fil-a. Off we went to The Green (a grassy park area in the center of the city). Baby and I set up shop and dad met us there when he got off work. It was lovely. We sipped champagne, ate cheese and crackers, baby had space to run around, we didnt want to leave. It was a great way to mix up our old routine and celebrate three years of marriage.

Added bonus - on the way back to the car baby fell alseep in the stroller so we strolled right into Brixx and had dinner while baby slept. He slept 2 hrs in his stroller while we enjoyed a night out. Thanks little man - Mommy and Daddy owe you one!! xo

We may have to do picnics for dinner more often, I'm feeling refresed today loving the little things!

And sorry no pictures with this post...we didnt take any pictures either which is always nice for a change :) Like Hunter says..."babe remember it in your head, you dont have to take a picture of everything" :) I'll remember this night in my head!


  1. What a great date night! You should do it more often. :)

  2. That sounds amazing!! I love everything about it and such a treat to have the true family time with no distractions at home.

  3. Y'alls evening sounds picture perfect... i love the idea of a picnic, especially randomly afterwork with champs and a new sundress! :) Happy anny, you two... before you know it you'll be celebrating year 4... it's still hard to believe that beautiful wedding of yours was 3 years ago!


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