Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US

Happy Anniversary to US. It's been a fun three years! A new baby, a new house, Both of us with new jobs. I must say life is going just as I imagined it would and I couldnt feel more blessed. That's not to say it's easy, cause lawd knows it's not. But it's perfect.

 photo ry3D4003_zps5920b7f8.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

 photo ry3D4002_zps20894600.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

 photo ry3D400_zpsf2576b75.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

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Kristin Vining Photography

Now what comes with anniversaries or birthdays and mothers days for that matter. Presents! Well... for most people that is.

Truth is the husband and I don’t do gifts. At least for the past 4 holidays/events we haven’t done gifts. Really I’m not even sure how we got here and would like to discuss putting an end to it. BUT – if he WERE to get me a gift or if he needed some ideas for a gift for me I could help him out. It would look something like this....

Gifts for self improvement. You know reading, books, things that will make me smarter and a better person. (Or make my coffee table look prettier):
 photo 61m9K4fYNfL__BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_SX285_SY380_CR00285380_SH20_OU01__zps85539357.jpg
 photo 51XTxJyYmRL__BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_SX285_SY380_CR00285380_SH20_OU01__zps506fe827.jpg
 photo 41XNcwZ1OML__SX285__zps11ea8c09.jpg
 photo USW_4FREE-ORDERPAGE_2-2012_zps69854347.jpg

Gifts of home decor:

 photo 98fd30088a2d11e180c9123138016265_7_large_zps7c42a747.jpg
 photo 571_1504_1_zps03eab04b.jpg

 photo 8674_3402_1_001_zpsd3d47963.jpg
 photo 8677_4122_1_giraffe_zps664b4ab5.jpg photo Screen_Shot_2012-11-18_at_8_04_55_PM_large_zps921e8194.png photo Screen_Shot_2013-03-28_at_1_12_31_PM_medium_zps5d4689aa.png photo screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_4_39_39_pm_medium_zps9b9fbac4.png photo screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_4_32_03_pm_medium_zpsbfb0ccfc.png

Gifts of fashion:
 photo screen_shot_2013_04_08_at_1_33_38_pm_medium_zps6c47eb14.png photo screen_shot_2013_03_27_at_11_16_30_am_medium_zps508105f5.png

 photo screen_shot_2013_03_27_at_11_06_29_am_medium_zpsed046127.png
 photo 8612_701_1_zps581bedd9.jpg
 photo 8574_701_1_zps72e150b4.jpg
 photo 8354_947_1_1_zps073cc824.jpg
Wouldnt these be cute by the pool with a bathing suit!
 photo 8399_5400_1_1_zps8cc21f52.jpg
 photo 8378_701_1_zps83fc516e.jpg
 photo imageService_zpse28b355d.jpg
A white blazer...
 photo imageService2_zps0b078e70.jpg
and throw in this comfy cozy cute grey one while your at it.

Gifts of Beauty:
 photo s1306794-main-hero_zps41c74e89.jpg
Tarte 12 hr blush!
 photo s1200997-main-hero_zps591b3869.jpg
A clarisonic Mia - I'm way behind on this one. Need to jump on this boat fast!

Well what can I say I'm not a hard girl to please :) Oh wait, how could i forget...also I'd like a very pracical hand bag. You know something I can carry everywhere. Something I can stick my work laptop in and carry to work, yet still go out with and be stylish. Something I can use as a diaper bag and fill to the brim with baby stuff and also use as my purse. Here's a suggestion...

 photo Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-PM_zpsf81f0f24.jpg

I said practical, not cheap :)

Oh it's fun to dream....

Happy Anniversary Hunter, I love you ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Thanks for the kiss this morning :)

oh...btw for my readers most of these items can we found at and


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! What an amazing 3 years. Cheers to many more ahead! xo

  2. hahaha cute post. Happy Anniversary honey!

  3. I'm going to need Hunter to get on the gift train so that I can borrow all of those goodies... especially that bag and all of that jewelry! ;) LOVING that bangle for the pool! You forgot to put your vanity chair on the list... that needs to happen stat.


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