Monday, May 13, 2013

HLV 18 Months

These past 6 months and especially the last couple have been so much fun!! Everyday Hunter is becoming more of a little boy and less of a baby.  It breaks my heart but at the same time makes me so proud to see how smart and happy he is! 

I thought for his 18months we should do a survey like the good ole days :)

Size: 28.5 pounds 33.5 inches 79th percentile in height and weight.

Development: You are one smart cookie!! Your teachers at school tell me that all the time, and I can see it at home.  You count when you stack blocks, enjoy learning about colors, shapes, and numbers. You pretty much have all of your animals sounds down pat as well as all your body parts.  We sing the song head, shoulders, knees and toes and mommy glows with pride seeing you touch all your body parts and move up and down like a big boy.  Your just so smart! The puzzles and shape toys that gave you trouble months ago are no problem for you these days. 

You're speaking so well.  Some of the words you say are eat, milk, jake, cookie, cracker, banana, apple, yellow, purple, blue, ball, bubbles, mama, dada, nana, papa, reagan (rea rea), outside, shoes, socks, baboo (pacifier), books, yes, and of course the ever hated word NO. 

Your also starting to be a big helper.  You can throw away your own diapers and even have your first chore.  Yep...mommy and daddy didnt wait to long.  You feed Jake every night and love doing it.  I was actually just thinking last night I'm going to cherish the time while you love to feed jake because I know a time is going to come where I have to ask you a bizillion times before you do it! 

Every Saturday morning we go to the Little Gym.  When we first started you couldn't walk on the beam or touch your toes or do forward rolls.  Now...your a superstar. You walk on the beam unassisted, even on your hands! You know just how to bend over and tuck your head for a forward roll, and truely just enjoy running around like a crazy man and climbing all over the mats.

You are great at using a spoon, fork and even open cup at meal times!

Personality: Ultimately you are a very sweet boy and a good listener.  Although like any 18month old you have your moments, especially if your tired.  It's really all about the power of distraction, moving you from something you can't have by showing you something you love or can have.  My favorite part of the day is going to pick you up from school.  You run to me and while in my arms turn to your teachers and friends and say "bye bye" "bye bye" all while waving and blowing kiss.   Your most always willing to give kisses and the single most thing that melts my heart is when you  say "I love you"  Your little hand goes to your heart and " iwoveu" radiply comes out of that sweet mouth.  It brings tears to my eyes hearing it.  We love you too little buddy!

Eating: Overall your a great eater!  chicken, meatballs, hamburger, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatos, peas, rice, beans, yogurt, milk, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, pears, blue berries, black berries, strawberries, oranges, bananas, cereal, grits, oatmeal.  You'll pretty much eat it all. 

With the exception of spinach and avacado.  You have your moments where you won't eat a single thing for lunch or dinner.

We don't force it because we know the next meal you'll likely to eat like an 8 year old.  You eat at your little toddler table most nights but we try to sit as a family at the table a couple nights a week as well.  That's tough for you right now, your a very busy guy so we are working on staying at the table until we are all done eating.  It's a work in progress.... 
if all else fails...usually an episode of mickey mouse does the trick. 

 photo 74045ef568ca2b33d698e316c4abecbb_zps39b8fb3c.jpg
Your good here too.  (your good at everything my little monkey!).  Bed time starts around 7:30pm with bath, then PJs, books, and in bed by 8pm. 
 photo 5534ee65b956179076af6fcbcffd278d_zpsd4a466d8.jpgIt takes you a good 20 mins of rolling around until you fall asleep but rarely do we see tears at bed time. 
Your still taking a pacifier at bedtime though, and are pretty much addicted to your lovie
 photo b95d4d78a9133cf747295121594a456a_zps5cc849d7.jpg...rubbing it in your eyes sooth yourself to sleep.
 photo a75b994eb47aa812fbca5c7570547909_zps667c7b9e.jpg
 I'm sure at some point i'll have to play the tough love role and get ride of the paci...but we're not there yet. 
 photo a261b41323084e306c5e3af5fd647ae9_zps54bb1c4e.jpg You sleep until around 6:30am but often times will again play in your crib for an hr or so after you wake up without a peep.  Mommy and daddy take FULL advantage of this extra hour of sleep!  We know your awake but as long as your happy in your crib....we're not in a hurry to come get u.

Likes:  Let's LOVE in can't get enough of them.  Mommy tries to limit the amount you eat because they have a lot of sugar in them but I also suppose there could be worse foods your addicted too.   You'll never turn down a gummy snack either!  You love playing with mommy's iphone mostly the fisher price apps on animals sounds.  You love playing with the ipad, and you love watching mickey mouse club house.  We watch in the car on the way to/from school and an episode before bedtime too.  Sometimes mommy can't handle mickey anymore so i'll switch it up and put on little einstiens.  Your okay with that too!  You love the little gym on saturday mornings, singing songs and reading books.

Singing Itsy bitsy - such concentration

 Your favorite songs are wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy, and head shoulders.

Your favorite books are your good night moon, cordouroy, brown bear, your construction book, your book on babies and your book on colors. 

Your other loves are your pacifer, lovie, blanket, oh and bubbles!!! Can't get enough of some bubbles!!

Dislikes:  Really the whole bed time process bath, brushing teeth, lotion, getting pajamas on is the least favorite part of your day!

Here's some pictures we took on Mother's day right around your 18 month mark!
Loving on your big dada...

High fives for dada!

Your Soooo handsome! and I'm lucky to be your mommy! xo


  1. He look so much like a big boy!!! So adorable!

  2. Your little guy is precious!!! Love his little gingham shirt!!


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