Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day weekend

We celebrated Father's day early with family on Saturday. Saturday morning we headed to Hickory where Hunters Grandaddy lives (Hunter Jr.) His retirement community was holding a fathers day breakfast so we joined in. To say Hunter 5 was hit would be an understatement. All of grandaddy's friends were so excited to meet the 5th generation of Hunters!
6a305999 c863d280 After breakfast we headed outside to do a little photo shoot with the 4 Hunters. Grandaddy loves photos plus we only have a couple pictures of the first 4 Hunters together from when Hunter IV was a baby and we know how much we cherish those, now 30 years later. We want to be sure we have more of 2,3,4 & 5!
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After the shoot we packed up and headed to the lake condo! As of recent Hunters parents bought a condo, boat, and a jet ski on lake Norman. The condo also has a pool and beach access so we are now lucky enough to be just a few minutes away from paradise every free weekend!
18d57a5e 1e0a4669 3e783762 19aec24e nap time on the boat! bf2fe2f4 Playing with the boat anchor 9f520cd0 Def a good way to get your kids and grand kids to come around more often! I'm taking future notes ;)
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Sunday was less fun as we made right with Jesus by attending church and then piddled around the house doing chores. I did complete a little DIY project that I'm excited to share with u later this week!

Another busy week lies ahead as I prepare for a baby shower Im throwing in our home on Saturday and family to be in town for Hunter Vs baptism on Sunday. It def never ends...but I'm thankful.

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