Friday, June 15, 2012

Reagan's 2nd Birthday

Last weekend we traveled to Greenville to celebrate Cousin Reagan's 2nd Birthday! Aunt Carter and Uncle Chad have a beautiful home with an inground pool so relaxtion and fun we're VERY easy to come by! Carter did a wonderful job hosting a very low key, easy, yet fun and beautiful party! It's safe to say all the adorable kiddies and parents had a great time :) 9dbaf671 50e07bfd 0be5babb 888acdd3 8120f685 384c3893 a45b47ec 2215422a 888acdd3 f432dcba 67af751b And I personally am proud of myself for successfully driving 4 hours in the car by myself with the baby. (Hunter was on a golf trip with friends). It's all about timing, planning ahead, and having enough paci's up front with me to keep passing back to the baby. Oh and mickey mouse on the ipad helped too ;)


  1. Omgosh - those matching swimsuits make my heart melt. What a cute party!

  2. What a fun party! :) I love their backyard... I forsee many, many more parties taking place there in the near future! It's gorgeous! Ha, the little pic of HL5 - his belly and that smirk on his face! So cute! :) And mama.... did you really just give birth to him? Look at that hot little bikini bod of yours! Ouuuuuuiiiiiieeee


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