Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Man baby shower

The theme was Little Man or more so Bow ties! Here is the shower that inspired my new chevron shades. It all started with this... e4adf6ba And then pretty much became the easiest shower decor ever. You just tie a bow on everything or turn whatever you can into a bowtie!;) c0644c05 The adorable cupcakes were made by our friend Nicola over at cup a dewdle dew. Check out her blog and USE HER if you are in need of some adorable and yummy cupcakes! fb8176f0 5134a293 986e6244 b20b72eb c074435b 344daff3 The beautiful mama to be! 791eaac0 Cupcake maker Nicola and the Mama to be! b6eb999a Mama to be and her Mama. Aren't they gorgeous!? 8bad5af2 fb75ac96 BFFs 1c1d6204 How amazing is this diaper cake. The Mama to be's Mama made it, I mean talent! It was a super fun afternoon with some pretty fabulous ladies. Now come on baby Penza we can't WAIT to meet you! xo A special thanks to the always fabulous Lindsey Regan Thorne for being my co-host! Your one creative gal and I swear everytime you come over my house becomes cleaner and more pretty, so thanks!!


  1. The party looks amazing. I love the shades even more now than I did before. So cute!

  2. Love doing parties with you, sweets... and your the creative one! You come up with the big ideas! BTW... I'll come over to your house anytime {you know that}... I love it there... love how bright and airy everything is. I'll never forget the feeling when we had the girls night and we spent the night there... Waking up and walking downstairs to coffee, your beautiful KS china and the light shinning through the windows! Love your pad.... BUT, LOVING IT EVEN MORE with the chevy stripes and the new pillas! Next... I'm finding you a piece of art to replace the two pic's in the kitchen... I'll be making a trip to Home Goods! :)

  3. Ha... and don't worry, after reading this post, I'm now surfing the net for new otta's and coffee tables for you! I swear HL4 is gonna straight up hate me! :)

  4. For the background of the balloons and the streamers you made did you use helium filled balloons?


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