Wednesday, August 17, 2011

29 Weeks!

Work is soooo busy! Another day almost got away from me without doing this post but I'm NOT letting it.

Size of baby: Small Cabbage 17 inches long 2.9 pounds. Although he is almost his birth length baby will double if not triple his weight between now and birth.

Weight gain: 155 gained 25 pounds so far

Maternity clothes: For sure! Even some of my maternity clothes that I bought in the beginning are getting a bit snug. But I refuse to buy anything new for the next 11 weeks. I will squeeze into them by day and run around the house nekid by night. You think I'm kidding :)

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: I'm telling you, its unreal. I think the movement might be what has surprised me most throughout this pregnancy. I mean I knew I would feel the baby move but I had NO IDEA it would feel the way it does. This week it feels like he is just getting adjusted to the fact that he has less space in there now. I feel constant pokes, that hurt, and when I put my hand to the poke there is always a hard as can be knot right there. I read in the baby books it's most likely an elbow or knee at this point. This kid has some boney elbows and knees!

Sleep: Overall still pretty good but his movements are starting to make me feel more and more uncomfortable at night and preventing me from sleeping as deep as I was before.

What I miss: Bending over without a pain shooting to my stomach, and being able to groom myself in the shower. Not being able to see anything below the belly anymore makes it a weeee bit difficult.

Best Moment this week: Yeah I'm not gonna say feeling baby move anymore. Although I'm VERY thankful for his activeness, they hurt! I would say having friends and family that live far away getting to see you in my belly. I think it made everyone that much more excited to meet you!

Looking forward to: The BEACH!

Cravings: Hmmmmmmm don't think I've had any this week. Been so busy traveling and working I've been more eating to survive and give me energy to last through the days.

Symptoms: Abdominal soreness is number one these days. Tiredness at the end of the day. I wake up feeling energetic but by 5pm I'm ready for bed. Nasal congestion, bleeding gums when brush/flossing, frequent urination. No stretch marks or swelling yet. My back has felt pretty good lately too come to think of it.

Other things to note: I passed my glucose test but Dr. called saying I have low hemoglobin count and a low platelet count. So they will be taking more blood from me next week to monitor it. I have an appt next Tuesday and am now going to the Dr. every 2 weeks!
AND we've started reading our baby books to get ready for Hunter's arrival. Moms on call Guide to basic infant care. Thanks Heather and Eric :) If you haven't heard of Moms on call yet check out their website I have heard NOTHING but positive reviews on their schedules, and tips. In fact every mom I've talked to has agreed following their recommended schedule had their baby sleeping through the night in the first month. Hope we are no different :) Sleeping baby aside, it also claims to tell you the things listed below and it's no lie. I learned all of the below and already feel much more prepared for Hunter's arrival.

This simple guide will .... tell you what to have on hand in preparation for your newborn's arrival• what symptoms warrant a trip to the emergency room• how to know if your baby is getting enough to eat• what to keep in your medicine cabinet to avoid a midnight trip to the pharmacy• how to get your baby to sleep through the night so you can too




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  1. I've heard great things from Moms On Call! I know you are anxious to meet Hunter V and have fun times with him. He's almost here!


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