Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 Weeks!

Wow, can't believe we're here!

Size of baby: Butternut squash 17in, 3.1 pounds.

Weight Gain: 156.5. That's right .5. Why round up if you don't have to? No, in all honestly that's what the Dr. told me yesterday at my appointment. I've gained 26.5 pounds in 30 weeks, I'm pretty happy with this.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I'm finding I look better in dresses these days. Some maternity stuff that didn't look as cute early on is looking better now that my belly is bigger. Some of my maternity shirts are barely long enough to cover the bell so I'm tugging them down all the time. And I think i'm done squeezing myself into my non maternity pants for work. It's just too uncomfortable now. I'll rotate my three pairs of maternity pants for the next 10 weeks!

Gender: It's a boy! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: Is great! Little man let's me know he's doing well in there all the time. It's really interesting to feel him move a TON one day and then half as much the next. It's like he wears himself out and then catches up on sleep. I asked the Dr. what position she thought he was in and she said he's probably sideways. This makes sense to me since most all the movement I feel is across my middle extending from my left side to far right.

Sleep: Sleep is not as good as it was but could be worse. I wake up to pee a couple times and his movements wake me up as well now. I've mainly been sleeping on my back, propped up at an angle with pillows. I'm convinced Hunter HATES its when I move to sleep on my side because he kicks me like crazy (probably trying to get comfortable himself) until I reposition back to my back.

What I miss: I don't miss anything but maybe energy. I'm out of breath easily and my stomach is sooo hard and uncomfortable after I eat. Will be nice to not have that feeling anymore.

Best Moment this week: While at the beach husband Hunter ran to the store, with Chad, to pick up stuff for dinner. Carter took Reagan back up to the house so she could get a nap in. This left just Hunter V and I to ourselves relaxing on the beach, enjoying the ocean view for about a hour or so. He was kicking up a storm and all I could think about was that even though I'm technically alone right now, I didn't feel alone at all. I really felt like it was him and I spending some QT together. It was sweet :)

Looking forward to: It's Baby Shower weekend!!! My parents come into town friday night, brother/sister in law and niece come from NY saturday morning and I'll get to see lots more family and friends who have traveled from afar at the Shower on Sunday. Thanks to my girlfriends Lindsey and Kristin for organizing it, myself and the Hunter's are extremely grateful for all of you!!

Cravings: Hmmm not sure this was a craving but I def came home from target with one of these last night.

hahahaha Hunter would have have not been happy with me if I wasn't pregnant but because I am all he could do is just roll his eyes :)

Symptoms: Stomach achiness, tiredness, shortness of breath, nasal congestion. No swelling, no stretch marks, no braxton hicks, no heartburn all not fun stuff I have yet to experience. Next 10 weeks PLEASE be nice to me!



  1. How cute are you in that white/tan striped top!

    And I just love that story about you and Hunter V on the beach. You'll have to write that one in the baby book :)

    Have a blast at the shower!

  2. Ok... Stoop, you just caused LRT a tear drop... in your "best moment of the week", So sweet! Pretty soon your gonna have him kicking in your arms! Way to go mama on the 26.5 - you really look great! Bring dem's cheesy balls tonight! xo

  3. So sweet! The next 10 weeks are going to fly by! Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy! Have a few extra cheese balls while you can. :)


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