Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Month Old!!

Your one month old little man!

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Birth weight: 7lbs 4oz
One month weight: 10lbs 7oz (75%tile)

Birth length: 20 3/4 inches
One month length: 22 1/2 inches (75%tile)

Clothes/Diapers: Your a big boy growing fast but your height and weight are proportional. You out grew your newborn clothes around 3 weeks and currently fit nicely in 0-3month or 3month clothes. We are closing in on the last few newborn size diapers and then you'll be in size 1... Probably by tomorrow. This week we started putting you in size one diapers at night to prevent you from peeing through the newborn ones.

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Eating: Mommy pumps during the day and nurses you at night. Your first three weeks you were eating 3-3.5 ounces every 2.5-3 hrs. At three weeks when you outgrew your newborn clothes you went through a growth spurt and we increased your food to 4-4.5 ounces every 3 hrs. Smetimes you'll even eat 5 ounces... Oink oink. I'm so thankful from day 5 you started taking to the bottle and breast both very well! Talented little boy u are! :)

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Sleeping: You are my little text book baby up every three hours even in the night to eat. Since we upped your food you will go 3.5 maybe 4 hours some nights. Your very good at self soothing and as long as you aren't hungry, gassy,or over tired/stimulated we can lay you in your crib awake and you will fall asleep on your own. Making us proud already.

Likes: staring at bright lights, having a full belly, your bath (if the bath water is warm enough), being held and rocked, sleeping in your crib, riding in the car and tummy time. You held up your head so high and for such a long time during your one month checkup that the pediatrition said you were showing off... She WAS quite impressed :) oh, and you love (attack) your paci, and mom loves that you love your paci being that it stops you from crying most the time, distracts you from your gas pain and holds you off until feeding time!

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Dislikes: waiting for mommy to heat up your bottle (mr. Impatient), having gas. And that's all I can think off... You really are a great baby.

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At one month your days are filled with... Eating, sleeping, burping, pooping, smiling and staring at mommy when I talk to you, playing on your activity mat, watching your mobile in your crib and holding your head up during tummy time. You also became a master at getting out of the swaddle blanket so we have had to resort to the velcro straight jacket type of swaddle. You may be strong but mommy and daddy are smarter :)

For comparison kicks here was your newborn picture! A bit more hair you had back then :)

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  1. Sweetest little nugget in town! Happy one month HL5 your adorable and sounds like your treating mommy and daddy pretty good! Mommy - you're doing a great job with him... Auntie LRT is waiting for the babysitting invitation! ;) xo


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