Thursday, February 2, 2012

The first week...

I know some are curious to know how the first week of daycare and back to work went. Mommy settled back into work nicely but baby Hunter took a little bit longer. Monday morning I got a call from daycare at 10:30am with Hunter screaming bloody murder in the background. I asked them "is he okay" they said yes but they were unsure of his eating schedule (even though we told them) and that he would nap (they forgot about the swaddle) so I went over there and calmed the sweet boy down. Monday night he sat on Grami's lap, eyes gazed over with a look on his face that said "what the heck just happened to me today". Tuesday I dropped him off and got a look like "this place again, are you serious? I thought that was a one time thing, Mom" And Tuesday his feeding was still off as he missed a bottle due to sleeping but come Wednesday he was more sure of our new routine and thursday I even got a smile before I left him in the morning. Everyday gets easier as we figure out our new routine and we do love his school and teachers. Overall I see this all working out juuuuuuust fine. I'm confident little man will come to love his new classroom and friends.

One of his teachers sent me this picture of him during his first day. You can see the gazed over look of exhaustion in the poor boys eyes. I think at this point he had given up the fight. ha! It's really nice that they will send pictures throughout the day though!


TGIF!!! xoxo


  1. It'll get easier as he gets used to the routine. He is a "major cutie" for sure though!

  2. Awwww this is so sweet... and although the hurdle it sounds like he's settling in just fine. :) Despite his lack of sleep he'll be back on schedule with his new surroundings in no time! xo


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