Monday, October 18, 2010

Like peas and carrots

There's just something about Virginia Tech and fall that go together like Peeeeeas and Carrots. Maybe its the fact that VT's colors are the same as the changing fall leaves. Whatever it is, tailgating before a football game on a Saturday morning with family and friends, Starbucks in hand, feeling the cool crisp mountain air and seeing the vibrant fall leaves is pretty high on my list of favorite things. I missed out on this at University at Buffalo because I was a cheerleader and therefore never got to tailgate before the football games. Not to mention most of the time Buffalo, NY goes from summer to winter and there is no such thing as fall like in good ole Blacksburg! I loved going to UB and wouldn't change that for a second but I'm also thankful I get to experience this now thanks to my husband!

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