Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obsessed with....

TORY BURCH! Kate Spade used to be my one and only goto designer where I loved EVERYTHING she created. However, lately I feel the same way about Tory Burch. It all started with of course her flats when I purchased these beauties over the summer.

I loved them so much I just had to get these patent leather lovies for the winter time.

And as I was searching for a winter time flat I came across these boots I can't get out of my head.

And THEN, I was at our local mall and stumpled upon and a new Tory Burch Store with more than just great shoes....cardigans, sunglasses, handbags I needed to get out of that store quickly!

And on top of ALL that I just saw a little tidbit on Tory in InStyle Mag and realized we have so much in common. Her quilty pleasure...gummi bears! A women after my own's a pic from our candy bar at our wedding.
She mentioned her style Icon is Audrey Hepburn and a quote... "Sunglasses and scarves pull a look together - and they're easy to pack." Yep, I agree!

oh and you better believe my little mini me will be wearing these one day! :)

Now, I really would like Tory (you like how we're on a first name basis?) to start making watches! Hunter and I want to gift each other with the modern "clock" gift for our one year anniversary so I've been keeping my eye out for a watch to love!

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  1. YOU ARE HER + SHE IS YOU!!!! TWO little PEAS in a pod... next thing I know you'll be beeboping in the mtns in Tori rain boots + rain coat... I betcha! Love the pearls!


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