Thursday, October 7, 2010

Name Change

ok, let's be real here...this isn't Hunter and I's blog this is MY blog. At no time will he ever be writing a blog post and therefore I decided to be a little bit more original with my blog name :) I've always called myself a "wanna-be southern belle" and anyone who knows me will think it's very fitting! The blogs purpose will remain the same, to keep family and friends in touch with the lives of The Lunsfords but who knows....maybe it'll become a little more "wanna-be southern belleish" too :)

Today's my friday! yay! Mom and Dad are coming to visit and its sure to be a fun and relaxing 4 day weekend. (We have monday off for columbus day as well). Hunter's heading up to VT for the game solo on saturday and I'm staying back to hang with the old folks! ha, just kidding mom :) Can't wait!

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