Friday, January 21, 2011

Charlotte Weddings Magazine

Our weddings is in the current issue of Charlotte Weddings Magazine! It's a small spread but non the less exciting to open a printed publication and see little ole us :) You can check out the exact article and pictures that are in the Magazine, online HERE!!!

image credit: Kristin Vining Photography


  1. How exciting! Your wedding was beautiful!!!! I love your dress and your bridesmaids!

  2. I dont care how small the spread is...thats Awesome!!! And Yes, it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding!

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful... your wedding was so you and Hunter... about the two of you are you love for eachother, I wish we could relive your special day all over again! The spread is perfect! Love you guys!

  4. What an amazing honor! Congrats on the feature. And it's t-minus 9 days until I am a Charlottean once again, so let's be putting our heads together on a CLT blogger cocktail hour! :)

  5. Very cool! You were the most amazingly gorgeous bride!!


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