Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Yesterday was snow, today is Ice. Different, yet similar in A way that it means another day off work for me to take pictures and explore my new camera. So far, I've been tackling IOS and AEB/exposure comp. I read that if you are taking pictures of food on white dishes sometimes the colors of the food aren't as vibrant. You can move up your AEB/exposure comp setting from zero to +1 or higher and it makes the colors of the food pop more off of the white plate. For IOS, I had my camera set on the middle speed of 1600. Last night, I did some research and came across a good article that showed different pictures at different IOS speeds. It was making a point that a higher IOS speed at night can often times act as a flash and brighten your picture. Although you have to be careful because if you go too high, say 6800 or even to the 12000 it can make a picture pixelated. None the less, Jake and I just got in from a little play time outside where I took the same picture of different things moving around my IOS speed anywhere from 200 to 3200 and then the AEB/exposure comp from 0 to +1 or even 2 (but 2 is not good especially in daylight! I have sooooo much to learn and its all very confusing yet fun! I haven't even started to tackle shutter speed or aperture! eeeeek!

I know a few of you out there have DSLR cameras so if your interested I came across this little blog post (um, yeah ignore the blog's title :/) in my googling research that helped explain the basics of what these words IOS, aperture, and shutter speed even mean! I still have plans to read the instruction manual that came with the camera, but last night it put me to sleep :) It's much more fun to learn like this....

Now I'm off to iron some clothes and bake something. I could get use to this SAHW (stay at home wife) thing. TaTa!

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  1. HOLY CRAP... you've mastered it!!! This is great girl... keep the camera tut's coming! Happy Ice Day!


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