Sunday, January 9, 2011

Orange Bowl Dinner

Alright, this post is almost a week late but wanted to do it anyways.... Hunter came home from work on Monday and had about two hours to kill before Bowl game time. He didn't want to sit around nervously so he made us a game day dinner!

NACHOS! - Ground the beef with taco seasoning, warm the tortillas chips in the oven and then layer into a casserole dish any toppings you'd like!

Second layer starts now... :)

And WINGS! - Hunter grilled the wings and then kept them warm in the oven until he mixed them with two different wing sauces. A traditional buffalo and a teriyaki!

Good food, Bad game.


  1. YUM! Im a nachos freak ( I SWEAR Brazwells/Whiskey Warehouse has the best nacho cheese and they wont give me the reciepe!!! Grrr) anywho, I wanted to know how you make your cheese - it looks whiter than Velveeta! Dlish - great - now I need a plate of nachos :)

  2. Hey there! Thanks for following! The white cheese is right out of a plastic container from the grocery store. I forget the name but you can find it near the packaged deli meat section! Enjoy :)

  3. Def will have to look for it - im kinda over the Velveeta and Rotel chillies - thanks and yes, I love your blog :) super cute!


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