Monday, January 10, 2011


Its a winter wonderland in Charlotte this morning we woke up to tons of SNOW!!!!! Jake and I hopped right out of bed and ran to go play in it!! I must say if i torture my dog this much with pictures I pitty my children. We had fun though and its crazy how something I grew up with my whole life just makes me giddy when we get it here, since it isn't too often. Not to mention, I'll get to leave work early today, and possibly not even go in tomorrow so that all helps in the excitement too :) hmmmm, sounds familiar from my school days...guess some things never change. Enjoy our playing in the snow pics!

Being bribed with his ball to pose, but of course he'd rather be playing so he's mad and refusing to give me a smile!

And this is we brush off cars in the south...with brooms! :)

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great week!


  1. Little Jakey in the snow! I love these pic's! Now let's pray for a blizzard!

  2. You need to submit to WSOCTV ... they want pics! Too cute. Aaron and I were "ooohing" and "ahhhhing" =)


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