Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Listening to Lilly

I'm listening to Lilly when it comes to New Years Resolutions this year. Instead of the typical go to church, loose weight, yada yada yada....I'm making These mine aren't they MUCH more FUN? :)

Wear more colors (prints too)
Over-indulge in candy (preferably chocolate)
Drink more cocktails (after 5’oclock…swear)
Take a long lunch break (meet your friends and order carbs)
Leave work early (only a few minutes.. wink wink)
Spend time with the family (especially the kids)
Smile more often (ear to ear, all day, everyday)
Listen to music (and sing along out loud)
Be messy (creativity is seldom tidy)
Take a vacation (to somewhere fabulous & be sure to pack your Lilly)
Throw a party (complete with pink champagne & cupcakes)
Read a good book (may we suggest “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett)
Shop often (even if it’s just window shopping)
Take a spin class (but remember shopping counts as cardio too)
Most importantly resolve to BE HAPPY.


  1. Those are outstanding lady!!!! :) cheers to that!

  2. That's the CUTEST resolutions ever! Love it... I might have to listen to Lilly as well... your new backdrop is stella! You so chic!

  3. ps... cupcake and champange party all in PINK! hello... this could be your spring opener party for the ladiz!

  4. Loving this new take on New Years resolutions!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog. :)

  5. Thanks April! For the sweet comment and for following! :) Hoping right over to your blog now!


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