Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Catch up...

So now that the news is out I've got to catch you all up. Following weekend after we found out (JUST 4 weeks into the pregnancy) Hunter's Aunt and Uncle invited us to their home for a Birthday dinner for his Grandmother. Hunter's parents would be there. Perfect timing. Told an uncle, aunt, 3 cousins, a grandma, and two parents all at one dinner.

8 birds, one stone, love it.

There joke literally all of them screamed "we knew it" cause i had denied a glass of wine when i walked in the door. REALLY? Maybe this 9 month detox is needed for more than just baby :) That same weekend we placed phone calls to my brothers, my grandparents, and Hunter's grandfather. Best reaction was from my brother Matt...
"Hey Matt, just calling to tell you we are giving you another niece or nephew."
"FROM YOU?" haha
"yes, me"
"Oh, no SHIT...hang on let me get Katy she's gonna FREAK!" haha

4.5weeks...told the starbucks lady. She asked me what was up with my decaf order. I couldn't lie.

Throughout weeks 4 and 5 we told our close close friends here in Charlotte when we saw them. I mean I'm always either drinking alcohol or coffee so when I'm with them and not doing either is sort of a red flag. And if anything was to happen to baby these would be the people we would turn to anyways. So telling friends too soon? no way.

Middle of week 5....told the BFF who lives in NYC over the phone, hense her visit first weekend in March. She immediately booked a flight to come see us. Everyone at once...AWWWWWW. Sweetest friend ever. I'll keep her!

Week 6 (march 8th) first Dr's appt. They verified the pregnancy through a urine test, the Dr. felt the size of my uterus to make sure it was growing nice a big. (which it is, and he even said based on how well its growing he thought my chances of a miscarriage were slim) Music to my ears! Did a little answer/? with the Doc, they took blood for testing, and told me I weighed 134. GULP. (can i blame that on baby weight yet?)

Week 7 Went on a bachelorette trip to Miami! It actually worked out great. I got to relax, not get up at 8am for work, soak in some vitamin D for me and baby and spend time with girls I love. Since there is smoking in bars in Miami I did dinner with everyone and then stayed in when they hit the clubs. I was uterly EXHAUSTED though when we returned. I don't think traveling is meant for a 7week preggers women. Had to call in sick to work on tuesday because I literally could no open my eyes that morning. soooooooooooooo tired.

Week 8 (march 23rd) first ultrasound. This appointment came at a PERFECT time. I was really starting to be sick and tired (pun intended) of being pregnant with no proof or reassurrance as to why I was going through all of this! Then it happened. What everyone says would. The unbelievable feeling of seeing your child for the first time. Tears ran down my face as we watched our little baby move around in side of me and we starred in amazement at his fast beating heart on the screen. I'm ready to go, I'll feel nauseaus for the rest of my life and never regain energy if it means I get to be a Mom for that little rasberry inside me! Our God almighty was thanked ALOT that afternoon.

A few of Hunter's humorous comments in the dr's office: When the nurse pointed out that I had ovualted from my right ovary Hunter fired back "That means boy right" haha :) Then right after we walked out of the ultrasound, pictures in hand, my dying to have a boy husband says to me "I saw a penis, did you see the penis?" Oh Hunter....

Baby/Mom Stats at 8 week appointment:
Fetal HeartRate: 185
Baby Size: 2.04cm (almost an inch long)!
Gestational age: Based on baby's size they said I was 8 weeks 4 days.
My Weight: 133 (one pound less than at 6wk appt) whoot whoot!!

Week 9 I BARELY survived Hunter's Birthday Party weekend. I hate to complain because it was a great weekend with wonderful friends and I really didn't feel tired while all the hussle and bussle was going on. I felt GREAT! But the sunday after everybody left I crashed! HARD! Literally couldn't move from the couch. I felt numb and was so tired I even cried!!! (that could have been hormones too though) :) I woke up the Monday morning to my daily what to expect email and the subject was Week 9: I'm feeling so TIRED!! How timely, dead on to how I was feeling! I slowly made it into work that morning at 9:30am! It was the fastest I could move. As far as other symptoms go as long as I eat when I wake up I can keep the nausea in check. The freguent urination thing is another story. Up two times a night at minimum....which wakes Hunter up as well. He never fails to ask me "where are you going, are you okay" I know he's just being sweet but a part of me wants to say back to him "Where do you think I'm going" ha!

AND drum roll please.... BABY's first pictures :)

Photobucket Photobucket

We ARE going to find out the sex. Middle of June, gender reveal party style, don't try to stop us! :)


  1. You forgot to mention how Hunter spotted the baby's wee-wee in this pics! :) Luv it... keep the posts coming, these are entertaining! Ha, and I didn't know that was your brothers response... men - so typ! Luv ya dear!

  2. too funny about the penis...Brooks was the same way - I was almost scared he was going to be disappointed if we had a girl! But yes, the tiredness was alot for me to handle....I would go to be easily at 8pm and sometimes it was still light outside! Love the pictures!!!

  3. Aaaahhhh, great first picture, a million congrats to you, girl!

  4. Congrats! So excited for you! I saw this on "The Nest" today and it made me think of your blog!

  5. WOW i cannot believe how you have documented these weeks! I have always wanted too but always felt tooooo tired to even take pics!!! You will love to have this documented b/c even a year later you will forget!!!

  6. Oh and I can def relate to telling your friends early b/c you are totally right, if you miscarry these are the ones you turn to anyways!!! Plus i hate secrets!

  7. I hear nausea is a boy sign!!!


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