Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party time, Excellent!

Today is my Friday! Can I get a Whoot Whoot! Saturday is Hunter's 30th bday party and we have friends and family coming into town from up north for the weekend. I figured I'd take friday off to grocery shop, bake Hunter's cake, make a breakfast casserole (to throw in the oven saturday morning), and clean!

Here's a little inspiration board for his party (nothing too crazy - he's a man and probably won't notice much anyways :) ) Below is also the cake I am ATTEMPTING to make. I've never worked with fondant before so I could be making and BUYING a cake :) ...we'll see.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER!!! We love ya!

  2. G R E A T cake idea! You're crafty so I have faith in you. See you then!!


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