Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loving Lately...

Let's take a break from the baby talk. Here's a few things I've been lovely lately other than the little olive in my belly :)

1. Kerastase Elixir Ultime - My hair guy introduced this to me at my last appointment. It's expensive (50 dollars) but has several uses, smells divine, and will last a very long time! For my hair I put one squirt in the palm of my hand along two or three pumps of the Avenda Phomollient. The Avenda foam (which I've always loved) gives volume but the Kerastase Elixir makes your hair shiny, manageable, smooth and smell great! You can also put a few squirts of the Elixir in your bathtub water or directly on your hands for smooth skin!

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - The MAC counter has a way of selling to me :) But I'm okay with it because I've never regretted a single purchase from them. This little guy I picked up a month or so ago and its another great multi purpose product. It acts like a highlighter so use it whereever on your face you want to be highlighted. I put it on my cheeks over my blush, right below my eye brows, and in the corner of my eyes. It just brightens up my whole face, I love it! It also works great as a soft shimmery eye shadow!

3. Toms Metallic Wedges - When I saw these in the latest Neiman catalog I HAD to have them. I knew they would be the perfect summer pregnancy shoe. The pewter color goes with everything and a wedged heel is much more comfortable for those hot summer days! Except I couldn't wait for warmer weather... I already wore them to Hunter's bday party last weekend :)

4. J.CREW Forever Cardigan in light flamingo -

I had this on at Hunter's bday party too. The weather is still a bit chilly here but my mind is ready for spring clothes. This fun pink cardigan is doing the trick for me this spring until the weather is here for good! Don't judge if you see me wearing this in the next 50 pictures I post :)


  1. Love the wedges..thanks for the tip!

  2. Love all the suggestions!!! Keep them coming :)

  3. love the cardigans-- i have far too many, but they're my fav! i just found your blog and am liking it, please stop by mine!


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