Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Months!!

Baby boy your two months old already!!!

Size: Our future football player! You weighed in at 13.6 pounds and 24 inches long at your two month appointment. Both in the 90th percentile. Your head was also in the 90th percentile... Lots of brains in there :) you wear a size 1 diaper but not for long since they go up to only 14 pounds. Clothes wise your in 3 months everything although your sleepers are getting to short and your clothes too tight so I think you'll be out of all three month stuff in a couple of weeks.

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Development: This month marked the big milestone of smiling!! Mommy's squeaky voice and daddy's tickles are always sure to make you laugh. Over Christmas cousin Reagan would tickle your tummy/chest area and you giggled over it for a looong time:) we all loved watching the two of you play. Your cooing a lot more and making those adorable baby noises too, I just love hearing your little voice and wonder what it will sound like when u talk. We also introduced a rattle to you this month and you seem to like it. Mommy grips your little fingers around it and we shake your arm. I'm thinking soon you'll be able to grip it yourself! Nothing new on the rolling over front, you tolerate tummy time for five minutes or so but hold your head up high even when we have you over our shoulder.

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Personality: Like most babies you are all smiles at your happiest in the morning and starting to be a bit fussy at night. In fact you have been going to bed around 9-9:30 as oppose to your usual 10ish because of fussy behavior. Your a pure joy though eating great, playing a lot more and napping well. If you are full and not sleepy you have no problem playing in your crib by yourself or just relaxing in your rock in play looking around. Once eating time hits though... Watch out. Mr impatient wants his food and wants it now!! Those dang bottle warmers take forever in these moments :). You also are a snuggler!! Love to be held, played with, and snuggled tight in our arms or even just in your swaddle. Your very adaptable! Mommy and daddy have toted you all around NC and VA this holiday season and you traveled like a champ. Sleeping the whole time in the car, sleeping great in your pack in play in new houses and you of course don't mind being passed around with extra kisses from friends and family. You also at this age are letting mommy and daddy go out to dinner with you!! Thanks for that!

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Eating: I spy a few thigh rolls!! Yum yum yum!! Love me a well fed chunky baby :). In the beginning of the month you were eating 4 to 4.5 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hrs. This past week I've bumped you up to five and we are working on getting you to last 3-3.5 hrs in between feedings with an eventual goal of 4hrs!! Whoa what will mommy do with all the time in her hands?? Your taking to the 5 ounces well and at your bedtime bottle if you seem starving (which you have the past two nights) we gave you 6 ounces and you pretty much took it all!! Too bad it didn't make you sleep longer ;). Overall though your a great eater with no reflux or major gas issues and we are thankful for that!!

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Sleeping: ah sleeping! I think you are a good sleeper, I know you could be a lot worse!! Right now you are a little alarm clock waking up consistently every night between 1:30 and 2:30 and then again around 5:30. I know your 2:30 waking is hunger because it's usually 5hrs from the time you go down and you chug your bottle before going back to sleep. The 5:30 one I'm not so sure... I think you may be waking up here out of habit so the goal this month is to make that 5:30 waking more like a 6:30 or 7pm wake time. You can do it buddy I know u can!! And you waking up at 6:30/7ish will work out well for when mommy has to go back to work. As it goes now though you wake up at 5:30 we play the paci game (where I give you your paci to get u back to sleep, you spit it out 10 mins later I go back in and put it back in your mouth, yeah daddy and I HATE the paci game and swear you spit it out just to get us to come back in your room) anyways, we do this for an hr until 6:30 then you take a full bottle and go back to sleep until 8ish or so. At that time we put you in bed this us and the little snuggly angel that you are will normally fall back to sleep with us til 10am!! Thanks for that one too!! :) after that we wake up for a morning bottle and then you will nap in your swing for up to 2 hrs. Naps later in the day tend to be shorter and are done in your rock n play.

Likes: to be swaddled, to look at mobiles, to sleep in the car, to eat of course, to hear mommys voice, your swing in the morning, your pacifier and you love your bath!!

Dislikes: having to wait for food, shots at the dr... Sorry buddy :( breaks mommys heart too, people raising their voice.... I yelled at Jake the other day and you started crying awwww), your swing at night and being tired.

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  1. He's getting so big and SO CUTE!! I'm loving the little roles and his smiles! I seriously want to snuggle him right now! :) So fun with you guys yesterday - BREAKFAST next week! Love you!


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