Thursday, March 1, 2012

i used to

~Wear cuter outfits to work (instead of putting on whatever is thoughtless, quick and fits)
~Mail out thank you cards the day we got a gift (now it takes me weeks to get them out)
~Wash my hair more than twice a week (nuff said)
~Wear more eyeshadow colors than one
~Have a wish list in my head of stuff I want (now its all stuff I want for the baby and don’t have time to even know whats in style these days)
~Buy birthday, shower and wedding gifts WEEKS ahead of time. (now I’m running out to get them on the day of the party)
~( Hunter used to) Go to the grocery store on a daily basis to get stuff we need for dinner. (Now we have to make a list on Sundays and get EVERYTHING we need for meals for the week or else we won’t have time to cook and eat)
~Wake up at 8am to get to work by 9am. (now I wake up at 6am to get to work by 9am)
~Stop at starbucks everyday to get coffee on my way into work (now I have an infant with me in the car that I don’t feel like lugging into the coffee shop so I have to drink the break room coffee)
~Look forward to the weekends to go out and have fun (now I look forward to them to sleep!)

So they say having a baby changes everything. Yep they were right.

I didn’t understand what a busy and full life was until I became a working mom. What day is it, where am I and how did I get here are often thoughts that pop into my head. I understand why this mom thing is like a “club” you can’t join until you have a kid because I get it that despite everything that has changed in our/my life, I wouldn’t change a thing back to the way it was.

I LOVE this little nugget!!

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  1. It's amazing, isn't it?! We are so excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  2. Welcome to the CLUB!! It's one Hell of club for sure:) But they are the best and I wouldnt look back for the world! they make you love deeper than you ever thought you could:) Ready to see my sweet nephew again asap! xoxox

  3. Hi there! I wanted to say that I love, love your blog, it is one of my favs! Even though life may not be the same you and Hunter have been inspiring to watch and follow along. And, to be honest, it gives me a moment to look away from audits! Thank you for sharing ideas, experiences, home and family. I look forward to new events, changes and even the growing pains in life as I am getting married in one week! Hopefully I can keep it together like you do! And your nugget, he is super cute, like Gerber baby cute :)

    1. Aww thank you Chantelle! Enjoy your wedding week, the fun is just beginning. cheers! xoxo

  4. hmmm, your list gives me a lot to think about, i don't think i ever thought about how difficult it would be to get a starbucks - that one really hit home! glad to know it's all worth it :)

  5. SO happy that you joined the club!! Everything you said was on point!

  6. One of your best posts yet and completely honest! I LOVE IT! So worth it, mama! HL5 is such a sweet, smily, handsome, BIG BOY! It's so much fun to see one of my besties turn into one heck of a mom! HL5 is a lucky duck! Can't wait to join this club.... sounds hard but very rewarding!

  7. Love the post and reminds me to enjoy the free schedule while I have it :) Ohhhh look at you Hunter, already sitting like a big boy!!


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