Tuesday, June 7, 2011

19 Weeks!

Size of baby: A mango! And at our Dr's appt last week they estimated it's weight to be 10oz. Little over half a pound :)

Weight Gain: okay, starting to regret the fact that I started posting my weight on here. haha. Ok here goes...145. WHOA 4 pounds since my last appointment making my total weight gain 15 pounds. NOT good! I think I'm only suppose to be at like 10 or something at this point so its time to reign it in. Work out more, eat less sweets I'm getting this back in check cause I only have 15 left to spend if I want to keep to my goal of 30.

Maternity Clothes: I need more clothes! I'm heading to old navy after work today to see if I can find some more summer dresses. And I could use some more work tops. I sport tanks with a cardigan to work a lot with the same 3 or 4 maternity pants/skirts rotated. I guess I just need to get used to the fact that I'm going to be wearing the same things over and over and over again.

Gender: We are in the presence of "THE ENVELOPE" that holds the big news! I have yet to touch it :) The ultrasound tech handed it to Hunter, he took it home and hid it somewhere in our house and I have no idea where. I did see her wrap it in green paper, staple and tape the envelope so that there was NO way we could see through it or get into it. In the next couple of days Hunter and I will take it to the bakery and then we won't even have it. Everyone asks me if it's hard and honestly not's been pretty much out of sight out of mind.

Movement: Yep, pretty much everyday. It still feels like flutters though. No real good kicks or punches yet.

Sleep: I've been sleeping great! I'm only up to pee maybe once and my sleep is deep uninterrupted. I hope this continues!

What I miss: I guess just back to the old eating whatever I want. It's not really bothering me that I can't eat certain things because I always find something but it will be nice when I don't' have to analyze a menu or recipe with what I can have and can't have.

Best Moment: Seeing baby last Friday :) Everything check out A-okay! He was face up at first but after a few minutes of being poked at poor little baby got tired of it and turned its back to us. So for the last half of the ultrasound he/she was on it's stomach...hence all the ultrasound pics of it's back that I have :)

Looking forward to: Gender reveal party in 1.5 weeks! And then being able to actually get this party started!! Nursery stuff, finish registering!

Cravings: None, pretty boring. I pretty much like all food in general not discriminating :) Except avocados...I typically love them but this pregnancy avocado has not been appealing to me.

Symptoms: Some lower abdomen aches, slight nausea if I don't eat regularly or take a vitamin on an empty stomach. Def puked at work yesterday :( I took my vitmain after having a yogurt and berries thinking that would be enough of a coating. I was wrong. Haven't had any headaches, leg cramps or back pain this week though. whoot whoot.

Pictures: Giving the spot light to our little munchkin this week :)






  1. Holy moly ... beautiful!!! I can't wait to find out the gender - incredibly happy for you guys. And good luck @ Old Navy -- I always pass the maternity section on the way to the dressing room and they have such cute things now. Post any good finds!

  2. Oh my goodness.. those pictures are like real life! How sweet is the little face!


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