Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Message on a chalk board...

There's a new tradition in our household that I'm pretty excited about. Every Sunday when we get home from church I write on a chalkboard that Sunday's message. It's hung on a wall in our kitchen that we walk by everyday so this way we are reminded all week long to practice living the way Jesus would want us to.

I'm VERY excited about the idea of sharing this tradition with our future children and one day having THEM write sunday's lesson on the chalkboard! It's the little things :)


  1. Love this idea!! What a great reminder that life is about the little things :)

  2. Hi! i just found out i am pregnant and have had a lot of fun reading through your update posts! congratulations! oh, and mrs. meyers cleaning products are GREAT! i have been using them for a while for the same reason..i can't stand the scent of regular cleaning products! my favorite mm scent is the basil one. hope you enjoy!

  3. Mel I noticed this new addition on Saturday! So sweet and I think it's a great little tradition to carry through your family!

  4. We do this in our home too! What a great reminder throughout the week! :)

  5. I love this idea and think it's so important to be reminded of Christ's love throughout the week. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely be doing this in my home now as well!


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