Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 Weeks!

Size: A banana (7in long) 11oz weight

Weight gain: Who knows! I haven't weighed myself at home at all. Hoping I'm around 147ish. The 150 mark is gonna KILL me!! I'll know for sure at our next appointment July 6th.

Maternity Clothes: Yes mostly. Dresses or maternity pants/tops to work, shorts, tanks, and some elastic waist skirts on the weekends.

Gender: It's a BOY! Hunter Lee Lunsford V

Movement: All the time! I feel him moving around in there in the car on the way into work, a couple times while sitting at my desk during the day, usually in the car on the way home from work, and then nice big kicks at night when laying on the couch or in bed. If I'm busy though and moving around a lot (like on the weekends) I don't feel him as much and always make note of his night time movements on those days!

Sleep: Really well still.

What I miss: Turkey wraps. And hot dogs. Hunter cooked me a hot dog the other night and made sure it was cooked to whatever degree it is they say it should be. It just wasn't the same...he like charred it. I want a normal cooked ball field hot dog :)

Best Moment this week: Find out he was a boy at our Gender reveal party. Our friends and family were so supportive and excited for us. We are very blessed to have shared that moment with all of them!

Looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery. Hunter is going to clear out the room this weekend and then hoping some crown molding gets put up fourth of July weekend. After all that is done I'll have the wallpaper put up, our crib put together and we'll be getting somewhere. We still need to go to a couple places and test drive some nursery chairs, lots to do, lots to do. Also looking forward to being able to buy something from a store that I see is cute :) (now that we know it's a boy!)

Cravings: Actually at this moment, a chicken parm sub. I will be full filling this craving by stopping to get one a local pizza place on my way home from work :)

Symptoms: Tummy pain and achiness from it growing. Back soreness...I like to have a pillow supporting my back now when I sit in a chair or on the couch. No swelling or stretch marks yet hallelujah to that!

21 week picture taken this morning:


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  1. That's banana's! hehe... get it like that song??? Looking good mama... and I'd like to add to your tidbit in the "movement section"... I felt, with my very own hand little HL5 kick on Saturday!


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