Tuesday, June 14, 2011

20 weeks!

Half way there, let's celebrate with a Gender reveal party on Saturday!! Whoot Whoot! :)

Size: A cantalope. That sounds really big to me!

Weight gain: oh lordy who knows!!! I was 145 two weeks ago so probably like 150 now, just kidding. Probably like 146 147 don't feel like I've gain too much the past two weeks.

Gender: Have I mentioned we find out saturday????????????????? I have friday off work, my parents come into town thursday night, we are going to try to find time to purchase a crib this weekend...such an exciting time!!!

Movement: Everyday!! And Hunter got to feel it last week. He/She was kicking pretty good in bed one night so I grabbed Hunter's hand and sure enough he jerked it back with a surprise look on his face. I could tell he thought it was pretty cool :) For me baby moves all the time. I feel it on the way to work, at my desk a couple times a day, on the car ride home from work, and always before bed. I like a description that I read a little bit ago that it sort of feels like popcorn is popping in your stomach. That is a bit what it feels like at times.

Sleep: Still sleeping great!

What I miss: back to my deli meat. I want a turkey wrap so bad right now!

Best Moment this week: Feeling the babies kicks and having Hunter feel it.

Looking forward to: Saturday duh!

Cravings: Tacos. Ate five last night, thats right, five. I want more...might have them tonight too. The hard kind....not soft. I like the crunch :)

Symptoms: Hunger. Def have a healthy appetite these days which the books say is normal so I'm gonna go with it :) Tummy soreness at times, and at night I'm just sore and whooped. Mornings I wake up full of energy.

Pictures: These are from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of this week!


  1. The belly has GROWN!!!! Lovin it! Cant wait for Saturday! Pink or Blue, Pink or Blue!!

  2. You look so cute - I can't stand it!!! I'm voting on a pink cake - can't wait to check FB to see if I'm right =)

  3. You are just the cutest, and I can't WAIT for the gender reveal! You are looking great - thin everywhere minus the baby!

    Will you pretty please divulge where your fabulous mirrored nightstand can be found?!

  4. KV and I looked at the posts together earlier this week... she couldn't get over your little bump... and how your growing from an unengaged boudoir girl to an expecting mommy! :) You look great, I'm so glad your feeling well my dear! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!


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